Today, Chinese hackers cracked the latest listing of iPhone 8!

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Today, Chinese hackers cracked the latest listing of iPhone 8!

2017-10-25 08:14:55 482 ℃

Today (October 24th) morning, GeekPwn 2017 pole hackers cracked competition players demonstrated the Apple Corp's latest listing of mobile phone iPhone 8 crack operation. Security researcher Slipper uses his latest system vulnerabilities to obtain the highest authority of mobile phones, which can completely control the mobile phone and steal photos in the user's mobile phone.

The scene, Huang Jianxiang opened a host of unopened iPhone 8 mobile phone, two-dimensional code shooting player to provide a link, only need to open or point. Players can remotely obtain the maximum permissions of iPhone, and steal photos in the phone, you can install non APP Store applications in the phone, that is, jailbreak.

This may be the current iPhone 8 listing, the first discovery of major security vulnerabilities.

Light black technology learned that, in general, many large science and technology enterprises have "loopholes reward plan", Apple Corp also released related projects in September last year.

Its executives have said at the Blackhat Event cybersecurity conference that Apple Corp will pay most attention to researchers who find vulnerabilities in their software and hardware200 thousand dollars bonus.

However, the plan was a directional invitation system, and only dozens of researchers were invited to participate in the program. Apple Corp says it will open further in the future and attract more researchers.If an individual who has not been invited has found a major loophole, it will also be invited to participate in the project.

It seems that the Slipper may receive an invitation from Apple Corp.

For a long time, the closed and open mode of change has been described as the two models of cathedral and bazaar, and Apple's iOS system and Android system are regarded as two perfect representatives. The Cathedral of apple is often famous for its safety, but it turns out that Jobs's apple still has a gap.