The most powerful enemy of the shared bike! The big guy came out of the water war just started.

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The most powerful enemy of the shared bike! The big guy came out of the water war just started.

2017-12-07 00:25:30 150 ℃

in a shared bicycle has been to winter, closure, the run away run away, financing industry, only two oligarchs at each other, a new spoiler suddenly!

however, fighting for so long, even if the new spoiler appears on the market, also only two types of bike sharing win, a class called "Ma bike", a class called "Ma Huateng bike"

shared single pile up like a mountain hand cemetery, some people say this map share sketch map of

look at the "Ma for the bicycle market share bicycle".

, however, is obviously not in the eyes of the car, which is in a month of billions of pain.

12 5 pm, at the fourth session of the world of the Internet after the closing ceremony, Ma said in an interview, ", I really do not know what we have cast shared bicycle, now there is no clear ," Ma said, as chairman of the company, and the attention of the CEO content and the different point of view, "these may Zhang Yong (Alibaba CEO) will focus on". When

told the ant to invest in ofo, Ma Yun was surprised to ask, "maybe a little, not much."

actually, in the multi - round financing of ofo, you can see the figure of the ant gold suit of the Alibaba association company. To holdings and Tencent Mobell confrontation, Ali seems to come up with more killer. On 4

12, the harrow announced the success of the $350 million D1 round of financing, and the leader was also an ant gold suit. Public information shows that the investment of ant gold clothing is nearly 2 billion yuan. Reporter investigation found that after this financing, the shares of the harrow's bike have changed significantly, and Ali jumped into the largest shareholder.

public information shows that harrow single car began to launch vehicles in November 2016, October 2017, harrow bike and low carbon technology business merger . The combined new company has been developing rapidly under the leadership of CEO Yang Lei, including sharing bicycles, and now focuses on three or four line city operation. As of the end of November 2017 reached 80 million registered users. The shareholding ratio of

"after the holdings, Shanghai cloud Xin ants gold clothing subsidiary, after the capital Yongan replaced become the largest shareholder, holding 32%

" there is no doubt that the Hello cycling D1 round of financing after the completion of Ali's Shanghai Yunxi will become the first major the shareholders of low carbon technology, also become Yongan bicycle and bicycle bike sharing two harrow brand actual holder ." The analyst told reporters.

you know, hello although bicycle set up a short time, but the background is not small. The shareholders are all ruthless.

Hello cycling announcement shows, as capital, car are cycling B Hello vimar round, B+ round of investment. Hello and Fushida investment bicycle, is sharing bicycle industry for the first time for industrial chain upstream production enterprises investment sharing bicycle operators. Hello cycling said, this move is significant Fujitec. As Asia's largest and the world's well-known bicycle manufacturers, is an important production Fujitec Hello bicycle suppliers, Fujitec investment is from the upstream industry chain of bicycle operation mode recognition and hello good.

, in addition, the second largest shareholder of harrow bicycle is Yongan stock. It is known as A share "share bicycle first stock". When someone else's high-profile ABCDE round, he has already low-key clapped his ass on the market.

in Yongan from Changzhou to South of Jiangsu economically active, public bicycle system research and development, sales, construction and operation as the core business, the main business of is the government investment has paid a pile of public bicycle , is in the township following three lines and the city and surrounding counties. In the second half of 2016, the Yongan bank began to start a small number of pool - free shared bicycles. Now the business is a pile of no pile coexistence, pile ratio is greater, so "share the first share of the bike" is not very pure.

, based on public information, is different from the burning bicycles which are becoming increasingly fierce in the market competition. Yongan's banks are profitable, and their profits are increasing every year.

2014 years, Yongan Bank net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company 68309193.13 yuan; in 2015, Yongan Bank net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company 93362906.97 yuan; in 2016, Yongan Bank net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company 116357116.43 yuan; and Yongan in 2017 third quarter earnings disclosure, before the three quarter has already achieved 751 million yuan revenue has exceeded revenue last year, an increase of 44.11%.

2017 in February, Yongan Bank launched not long after the real sharing of bicycle, bicycle and other shared secretive, boss but patted her chest and said, can be profitable within two years!