Baidu, HUAWEI, Tencent, Haier, and Sogou are talking about artificial intelligence. What are they talking about? | Wuzhen Summit

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Baidu, HUAWEI, Tencent, Haier, and Sogou are talking about artificial intelligence. What are they talking about? | Wuzhen Summit

2017-12-07 00:25:34 206 ℃

| Lu Qian

from the Lei Feng network (leiphone-sz) reported in

Lei Feng: net according to the artificial intelligence technology has apparently become the world Internet Conference Theme Roundtable link AI technology and industry, technology platform Baidu vice president, AI (AIG) chief Wang Haifeng as the host, and including the European Academy of Sciences Professor Uszkoreit Hans, Privacyshell Toda-Algorand and CEO Toufi, Mr. Saliba, six academics, industry experts on dialogue, artificial intelligence has become a new productivity, how to promote the innovation and integration of technology and industry.

Wang Haifeng says, as we all know, science and technology are the first productive forces. As the core science and technology that leads the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence has become a new productive force.

from the national level, according to the Lei Feng network to understand, the nineteen report of the party and the State Council this year, "a new generation of artificial intelligence development plan" will be artificial intelligence to economic and social development value mentioned hitherto unknown height; from industry level, AI as a new productivity, positive for the industry can not only enhance the productivity of Fu. Also, create new value, but also in the creation of new industries.

Wang Haifeng said that AI will be the most important foundation for human productivity promotion for a long time in the future. Host

Roundtable session: Vice President of Baidu

, AI technology platform system (AIG) for guest Wang Haifeng

Roundtable session:

  • of the European Academy of Sciences Professor Uszkoreit Privacyshell and Hans

  • Toda-Algorand CEO Toufi Saliba

  • , Mr. HUAWEI consumer business CEO Mr. Yu Chengdong

  • vice president of Haier group Mr. Zhao Feng

  • senior vice president of Tencent Mr. Tang Daosheng

  • executive Sogou CEO Mr. Wang Xiaochuan

Wang Haifeng VS, member of the European Academy Hans Uskelt: deep learning also has a lot of limitations of

Wang Haifeng: do you think that artificial intelligence will get in the next disruptive breakthrough in what areas?

Hans Uskelt: , we heard many miracles created by AI today, as well as benefits in information and image processing. Pattern recognition is based on two systems -- knowledge, rational thinking, deep learning and machine learning. We call it narrow sense AI. They have very close cooperation.

we think that a broad AI may still take more than 20 years to develop. But knowledge, knowledge base, knowledge of the image such as Google, Wikipedia and other knowledge, can be applied in AI deep learning. It is not to say that a lot of things are put in the AI infrastructure.

human brain is very limited, and AI is stronger in this aspect than the brain, and it can learn more deeply. We can get support from all fields, make it stronger and answer some questions, including super intelligence, but not yet. Because human beings have the sense, desire, drive and emotion to connect deep learning and emotion, which is impossible for machine to achieve, so human brain mode is more complex. In the broad AI domain, there will be more active depth users in the next few years.

Wang Haifeng VS PrivacyShell& TodaCorp CEO Torfi Saliba: AI pioneered the subversion of the financial industry

Wang Haifeng: can you talk about your views on how AI can change the financial industry?

Torfi Saliba: , thank you very much. I have always stressed that AI will subvert the financial industry before overturning it.

function, many applications, including independent AI, and not by the Institute of intelligent control, but autonomous control, it can be self management, self survival, energy consumption, labor, employment to defend themselves, to complete different tasks, to further carry out subversive learning.

, for example, nearly nine years ago, autonomous robots can be applied to different industries, especially in the banking sector, has subverted the traditional banking business, bitcoin is a good example, in different ways to benefit, we will call it the blockchain, there are some other disruptive technologies.

but independent science, we should be prepared to meet the challenge, especially in terms of security, such as decentralized management is a key block chain, need to establish management for the blockchain and safe mode.

Wang Haifeng VS CEO AI Yu Chengdong: HUAWEI consumer business to make more intelligent terminal

Wang Haifeng: HUAWEI attaches great importance to AI, especially there are many AI attributes in the latest release of mobile phone models, for HUAWEI, AI for the significance and challenge the terminal industry where?

Yu Chengdong: AI is a very hot topic, but the application of AI on smart terminals is just beginning. In the era of AI, HUAWEI thinks AI AI will make mobile phones smarter.

mobile phone AI has two aspects.

is a traditional cloud artificial intelligence processing and operation. It needs cloud computing and cloud computing. It can quickly track network connections. At that time, 5G connection is needed. At the same time,

takes into account the energy efficiency of smart terminals, because the battery capacity of mobile phones is still limited. HUAWEI hopes that some artificial intelligence processing can be completed at the mobile phone end. HUAWEI has artificial intelligence processing