[share] the letter! This is the App you use a few moron?

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[share] the letter! This is the App you use a few moron?

2017-12-07 00:27:09 101 ℃

with the popularity of smartphones, more and more magic App is beginning to emerge. By installing App, the mobile phone can act as a navigator, a ruler, a flashlight and so on, instead of a lot of common tools in life. However, mobile phone App and not all reliable, there are a lot of a useless Gerard App". Today, have to check those functions like playing App, you install a few?

mosquito repellent App

. This kind of App has already appeared since long ago. Previous Symbian or JAVA phone also had similar applications. In the present iOS and Android platform, mosquito App is this kind of App basically emerge in an endless stream, are known to use ultrasonic repellent, non-toxic effect baqun. But do you really have such a good thing?

repellent App often do its matter, but the effect will definitely make you disappointed.

, in fact, the effect of mosquito repellent App has been well known to everyone who used it. At least, the mosquito repellent incense, mosquito repellent fluid and spray in supermarkets are selling so well, which is the best evidence. The mosquito App is basically a moron, just a beautiful fairy tale sonic repellent sounds pleasing to the ear. In the first place, cell phone loudspeakers may not be able to root out the "ultrasonic" which App calls "mosquito repellent". Secondly, there is no clear evidence that sound waves can repel mosquitoes.

, some mosquito repellents App wrote in principle that mosquitoes can communicate with sound waves, so they can interfere with the movement of mosquitoes by ultrasound, or drive the female blood sucking mosquito by sending the so-called male mosquito sound. However, there is no final conclusion on what sound wave can interfere with mosquitoes, and it is not common for female mosquitoes to hear the sound of the male mosquitoes. Of course, there are indeed some insect acoustic instrument, ultrasonic simulation principle is to go into bat bugs, but whether it is effective against mosquitoes is still no clear evidence.

therefore, mosquito App basically is the product of teasing you. If you really believe that this kind of App, probably the most happy or not what than mosquitoes, every day to eat a meal more delicious.

decibel App

mobile phone can serve as a lot of life tools, such as ruler, compass, flashlight and so on. Even after installing App, cell phone can turn into a decibel instrument. Many friends have used this kind of App, and then use a mobile phone to test the level of silence on the computer, the noise level at the next site, and so on. However, in fact, the decibel App is not very reliable.

decibel App can indeed reflect the change of voice size, but want to measure specific decibel value? I still think more. The principle of

decibel App is very simple, which uses the microphone of a mobile phone to pick up the sound, and then detects the size of the decibels of the sound. However, each cell phone's microphone pickup ability is different, the same decibel App installed on different mobile phones, the results can be very different. Naturally, the values measured by the decibels App are not exactly where to go.

, in fact, the test of sound decibel still needs professional tools, so that we can get more accurate results. Of course, if you just want to know the size of the voice, the decibel App can still be tried, but it can't really test the exact decibel value. It belongs to the App that can play but can't be used.

radiation test App

can not only test decibel, but also mobile phone can test radiation? Yes, many mobile phones are now equipped with magnetic flux sensors, so some developers use the hardware to make the App of the electromagnetic radiation test. A lot of friends talk about the radiation color change, so it is true to this kind of App, however, is it really useful for the App to measure the radiation of the mobile phone?

radiation test App is used to frighten yourself and be meaningless.

actually, the magnetic flux sensor on the cell phone used to measure radiation is not very reliable. The mobile magnetic flux sensor can only measure the static magnetic field, but the magnetic field of the electromagnetic radiation is periodic. It is necessary to use the field strength tester to accurately test it. On the other hand, the accuracy of magnetic flux sensor on mobile phone is not very high. The accuracy is usually only 0.01~0.1 T (micro Tesla), and the accuracy of professional instruments is at nT (ntesla) level, so mobile phone electromagnetic radiation is just teasing you.

, of course, such magnetic flux testing App is also not useless, such as detecting magnetism of an object, or detecting whether something is iron. There is no reliable radiation test method on mobile phones. You don't need to panic because of the value of the mobile phone. The value of the burst is probably caused by the magnet inside your headphones.

battery repair App

mobile phone uses lithium battery, after a period of time, the battery will be lost, capacity is bright.