Your addiction, so Ma was isolated, no dinner?

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Your addiction, so Ma was isolated, no dinner?

2017-12-07 00:27:39 115 ℃


yesterday after the release of the article, it's old powder news sensitivity is extremely strong, curious, why save the bureau chiefs, Ma does not appear? (curious baby, you can also pay attention to why Zhou Hongyi, the red coat teacher, did not appear in the Dongxing Bureau.)

just asked Ma Yun, a journalist who was not an entertaining journalist, today.

Ma very frank "/1ydzximg/0Hqwgfi9Np" src=

ma I never thought to participate or not to participate in the , nobody invited me to , of course I don't have time to invite , I feel to should do some other things. (Note: not sure it sister sour grapes?)

for Ding Lei pork dinner, Ma Yun also has views.

Ma Yun

Ding Lei is good at asking for a meal, but it may be labeled as gang like in two years. Don't you believe that I really have a dinner today, you can put all the people in the world are invited, invited a group of nouveau riche, are the top in the world, really few people can afford my dinner. But dinner has no meaning, this is not Alibaba to engage in, nor I want to express. The arena is loyalty, filial piety, not to speak of the battle, I don't organize a meal.

Jack Ma, will not you so your friends ah?

no, the Dongxing Bureau has not "brought" Ma Yun.

because it just a few days each other Ma Qiang East addiction

Taobao, the Jingdong, the two largest electricity supplier website, not only the annual double eleven war can at three feet, the size of businesses facing one of two "to be or not to be" the survival of choice, the fire also burned to the top from the beginning of 2014, the world Internet Conference, Ma and Liu Qiangdong several times every year. At the first World Internet Conference, Liu Qiangdong said that the patterns of Jingdong and Alibaba are different. In essence, there is a difference between them. And Ma directly said that the task of Ali is to train more Jingdong. Subsequently, the war between Ali and the Jingdong escalated. In the story of the Alibaba, Ma Yun mentioned that the Jingdong's model has a huge problem and the prospect is pessimistic. Soon, the Jingdong issued the administrative micro-blog back "we will do their own, time will prove everything", for example, Ma Yun as the "master Yangaoshoudi innuendo".

this year, each other and Ma Liu Qiangdong to come earlier than in previous years.

11 month 24 days, when Liu Qiangdong Fuping County of Hebei Province Ping stone village village reputation the post caused widespread concern.

3 years to help flat stone village of poor households out of poverty in 5 years, so that all the villagers with an average annual income of over ten times, each have a stable job and income, every family can live in a new house to live a well-off life.

Liu Qiangdong but he's only been a week when the time, Alibaba and Alibaba announced on December 1st that poverty fund officially launched, the next 5 years will invest 10 billion yuan in the public mind, business practices, full participation in poverty alleviation. In order to show the importance of the Alibaba's attention to this matter, this is the first public appearance of the 36 Alibaba partners following Ali IPO.

as the saying goes "a difficult mountain god, even out of poverty, Alibaba and Jingdong on the bar. On the same day when the foundation was not established, Ma Yun was a guest in the live broadcast. He said Ali wanted to serve the whole nation's public welfare. A big company didn't do well in a village or a village.


Alibaba today so big, so big a company, you must have a large pattern, as big, small companies can be as small as you, a small company, you do a good village, you a medium-sized companies do a good township but today, the Alibaba since you more than 600 million members, all over the country, you have to bear this responsibility, I am also very happy, I hope I have a village, a town, I must have done, but of no use, I can make it beautiful. Everywhere I paint it red, useless.

the next day, Liu Qiangdong did not hold back, and the other directly back.

Island Mei believes that two big brothers are doing things out of poverty, is a good thing, but a great emphasis on poverty breadth, a focus on the sample, in order to promote more County village. Verbal fight, no big problem, hope after action can compete.

this is just the first round. The cause of the second round of

should be said from the fourth Zhejiang business conference in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, in November 29th. Ma Yun said at the meeting, a month to earn two billion very uncomfortable, a