Full screen millet 7 re exposure: camera upgrade information for 100 seconds

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Full screen millet 7 re exposure: camera upgrade information for 100 seconds

2017-12-07 00:27:43 83 ℃

in less than 1 months, we will usher in 2018. As the flagship flagship at the beginning of next year, Xiaomi 7 has already prepared eight or nine of the ten, so the news about it is also increasing.

millet 7

renderings according to previous data show that the shape of millet 7 big adjustment is inevitable, the current 18:9 full screen is very hot, if no accident, it will be used for Samsung 6.01 inch 18:9OLED screen, the screen of many domestic mobile phone manufacturers have been used, so of course design. That should be the post of fingerprint recognition.

millet 7 renderings of course processor, Qualcomm in December 7th in the United States officially released Xiaolong 845, according to the previous rhythm, Samsung will occupy the advantage of the first global OEM starting this processor, while the domestic mobile phone is expected to be 7 meters and is the first, the memory is said to 6GB. millet 7 renderings for the current hot folk

3D face recognition, millet also follow up, but the Taiwan industry chain's news that millet 7 will not provide the corresponding function, because the technology is still not perfect, need to continue debugging and optimization of Qualcomm, and millet 7 and positioning not the pursuit of everything.

7 renderings

folk millet Lei stressed that in the recent Internet Conference interview next year millet flagship will be displayed in the AI artificial intelligence, specifically, millet 7 rear dual camera linkage Xiaolong 845, AI artificial intelligence optimization way to take advantage of this scene. With the Mate 10 show similar to the way. 7

for the rendering of millet millet 7 dual rear camera, there are rumors that, combined with selection of 12 million pixels HUAWEI P10 +2000 megapixel consistent, black and white + color scheme, sensor may be IMX380+IMX350.

millet 7 folk renderings

, it is worth mentioning that Xiaomi should also add wireless charging function to Xiaomi 7, and the battery capacity is unchanged from Xiaomi 6, still supporting fast charging. If that is the case, the new machine will continue the design style of the current double glass + metal frame. As for the price of the new machine, it is expected to be adjusted to 2699 yuan.