Millet system is good, or HUAWEI system is good to use?

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Millet system is good, or HUAWEI system is good to use?

2017-12-14 00:26:51 155 ℃

either HUAWEI EMUI or MIUI millet after all is to go to the optimization based on the Android system, so from this perspective, the two systems in some of the basic operation is no difference, once you get used to the Android system, millet and HUAWEI are as good as.

then, the question comes, from the respective optimizations, who is the best?

Millet's MIUI can be said to be the key hero of Millet's achievements today, and Millet's slogan "fever for a long time" is also closely related to MIUI.

is one of the former enthusiasts. Mke Ke has brushed N developers' own optimization system on the MIUI forum. This highly open system development environment has attracted quite a lot of geeks. And MIUI used to consider user experience very much, many operations were very humane, including switch between applications, basic function switch, UI beautification and animation.

, but after MIUI6.0, millet began to control all kinds of advertisements, cleaning rubbish and opening news everywhere. As for the millet that has already gone to MIUI9.0, is it still crazy to implant advertising, because of the later transfer of HUAWEI, it is not known.

, however, has to admit that the humanized and fluent MIUI system of millet has made me change the Android phone for the first time.

HUAWEI's EMUI has been updated to 8 recently, and is also optimized based on Android 8. Actually, from the evolution of HUAWEI system, we can see that the domestic mobile phone system has developed rapidly in recent years, aiming at domestic users to do all kinds of humanized operation design.

to EMUI8.0 for example, in the latest version of the update, adding the desktop icon according to the long wake up quickly, similar to the Ios before the DE 3Dtouch function, use is very convenient; then learn hammer system of the big bang, HUAWEI and AI semantic technology company Unicorn cooperation. In the new system also added a similar function: intelligenceknowledge screen, double finger length can according to the text, as shown in the image below, quick access to information related keywords.

, in short, whether MIUI or EMUI, from the respective optimization, the two systems are very easy to use, the key is what kind of family you are used to.