Liu Qiangdong has created a big Mac again! The annual income of more than 30 billion Ma, look jealous

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Liu Qiangdong has created a big Mac again! The annual income of more than 30 billion Ma, look jealous

2017-12-14 00:30:15 84 ℃

in logistics summit upgrade wisdom unbounded industry, logistics Jingdong CEO Wang Zhenhui said in an interview in the Jingdong logistics has been profitable, the income scale close to 30 billion yuan.

in April this year, the Jingdong announced the establishment of Jingdong logistics sub group, logistics business officially operate independently, the original Jingdong group senior vice president, Jingdong mall operating system responsible Wang Zhenhui served as Jingdong logistics sub group CEO, to the Jingdong group chairman of the board and CEO Liu Qiangdong.

Jingdong logistics not only delivers C terminal personal consumer market, but also provides distribution services for B end businesses, distributors and private stores. In addition, the Jingdong also provides flow cloud services, even if it does not connect to the logistics of Jingdong, the Jingdong logistics cloud can also provide a standardized logistics scheme for the merchants. This means that the Jingdong will become a third party logistics service provider like Shun Feng, "three links one Da" (China Tong, Yutong, Shen Tong and rhyme). Although Jingdong avoided direct competition, but the business overlap, market competition is inevitable.

in the past, Liu Qiangdong put the hand from venture capital financing to tens of millions of dollars all smashed into the logistics system, with more than 50 young people, even 3 months to shop, only 3-4 hours of sleep every day, is in order to make logistics supply chain system, to achieve the industry's best.

, therefore, today's Jingdong's extreme speed distribution, "North Canton deep morning order, arrived in the afternoon, the second tier cities overnight." A young mother's speech is very representative, "have their own special hate Liu Qiangdong, but now that he is very special thanks to wood louse, he had the baby, just the night before the Jingdong orders, second day morning, special thanks."

from the store to the electricity supplier, from the 3C to the whole category, from relying on others to self built logistics warehouse, Jingdong every transition will encounter the opposition side, both colleagues and investors. But Liu Qiangdong came up and proved right.

once, self built logistics made the Jingdong into a long-term loss, the outside question, sings the sound of the rise and fall. Today, Jingdong takes off the loss hat and achieves 6 consecutive quarterly profits. Undoubtedly, it is a strong counterattack to all kinds of doubts. Logistics is not only a drag on Jingdong but rather a great differentiation advantage, which stimulates the potential of service business revenue and makes Jingdong more confident.

Jingdong began to burn self logistics system as early as 2007, in April this year, the Jingdong logistics department is separated from the Jingdong set up a Jingdong logistics sub group, the official independent operation of logistics business. And Ali started late in the logistics, think of Ma Yun but insisted that Ali and Taobao will never do logistics, but in 2013 Ali can not sit down. It established a rookie network technology company jointly with many companies such as Yintai group, and increased the share share from 49% to 51% in September this year. It has absolute control rights for rookies, which makes you see that the logistics industry is a must for businesses.

although both of them are doing intelligent logistics construction, their operation modes are quite different, which leads to differences in their logistics construction.

future plan, Wang Zhenhui said, Jingdong logistics hopes for about five years or so, that is, the income of non Jingdong logistics can account for 50%, and the overall scale is expected to reach the scale of 100 billion scale.