Formal confirmation! Vivo will use a newly produced sub screen fingerprint identification chip

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Formal confirmation! Vivo will use a newly produced sub screen fingerprint identification chip

2017-12-15 18:25:37 106 ℃

, well-known chip maker Synaptics announced, with the world's top five mobile phone manufacturers in a jointly launched the first fingerprint identification scheme using the mobile phone screen, according to Forbes reports, this company is China famous mobile phone manufacturer vivo. The popularity of the

comprehensive screen has changed the design and display of the mobile phone, while the screen share of the mobile phone is also further improved. However, the reduction of the positive space makes many mobile phone manufacturers have to cancel the pre fingerprint key, or choose face recognition or fingerprint identification behind the phone. As far as it is concerned, the postposition fingerprint has become the most common choice for the current comprehensive screen phone.

at the previous MWC conference, vivo had shown high pass - screen fingerprint identification technology, but only demo, and there was no timetable for mass production. But the day before Synaptics officially released the Clear ID FS9500 fingerprint sensor family, can be achieved under the screen without opening the fingerprint to unlock, can achieve the same convenience of biometric authentication. Moreover, Synaptics officially confirmed today that the first brand to use the technology is vivo. The vivo mobile with fingerprint recognition will also be released at the beginning of next year.

, according to the official introduction, Clear ID FS9500 fingerprint sensor using optical materials and production process, the thickness of 1.5mm, can be directly encapsulated in the AMOLED below the flexible display screen or integrated into OLED. When the FS9500 sensor is activated, the sensor will illuminate the area of fingerprint recognition through the upper OLED panel backlight. Then the reflected optical fiber will be transmitted to the bottom level sensor and complete the recognition process. The recognition speed is two times of the "3D face recognition".

, and for the security problem of under screen fingerprint, Synaptics says that user's biological information will be protected by SentryPoint security and anti spoofing suite technology. At the same time, the FD9500 sensor can adapt the user's usage habits to improve the recognition and unlocking success rate of the sensor.

, it is worth noting that the screen stains and dirt will not affect the recognition of Clear ID FS9500 fingerprint sensor accuracy. Only in the early days, the Clear ID FS9500 fingerprint sensor can only be used with the OLED display.

releases the pace of the new machine based on vivo, and the first half of the year is the flagship product of the Xplay series. And, as can be seen from the previous models, the Xplay series, such as the surface screen and the dual camera front end technology, will now be used in the series. As a result, vivo's first full screen fingerprint identification cell phone will be Xplay7 at the beginning of next year.

, according to the netizens' revelations, in addition to the under screen fingerprint identification technology, Xplay7 will also be equipped with a comprehensive screen of the surface, perhaps with Samsung S8 one model. However, considering the limited capacity of the screen, how many orders vivo can get is still an unknown number. In performance, vivo Xplay7 will carry the high pass Valon 835 processor, after the double photography, the price will be more than three thousand yuan.

as the world's first product of the screen fingerprint identification phone, vivo Xplay7 specific use of the experience will, and only to wait until the release of the release.

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