Which team will you fight by the end of the year, the sale of the mobile phone manufacturer, the price reduction and the new product?

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Which team will you fight by the end of the year, the sale of the mobile phone manufacturer, the price reduction and the new product?

2017-12-15 18:32:31 195 ℃

12 month for each enterprise is a "sprint month", do income, budgets, flush sales. The mobile phone industry is more prominent, mobile phone companies to launch the final sprint of the tricks. One significant performance was the mobile phone conference in November and a total of 16 new machines. On November 28th, there was an addition, glory and 360 at the same time to open the press.

intensive new hair only for the red

Jin: seize the full screen hot, bursts of eight new machines.

millet MIX is the author of the comprehensive screen concept, and iPhone X joins the camp to further accelerate the popularity of full screen phones. It is because of this, many mobile phone manufacturers have launched a comprehensive mobile phone screen, November 26th Jin is a released a comprehensive 8 screen mobile phone: M7 Plus, S11, S11S, 3, 2, diamond diamond F6, F205 and M7 (the new color), covered in the low-end market, the price from 4399 yuan to 999 yuan range. Among them, M7 Plus positioning the high-end market; S11 and S11S master four photographing, facing the young user market. In addition to the full screen concept, Jin also introduced the current mobile phone industry is another hot spot: artificial intelligence, mainly used in the camera.

360: dense new machine, sprint sales momentum.

millet: publish the full screen one thousand yuan machine, continue to do the "text-align: start style=

millet in 2017 to achieve two rise, domestic mobile phone sales to return to the top three, one important reason is the breakthrough thousand machines at the same time, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade in the high and low end. In November, mobile phone millet conference get together no action, in December 7th released a comprehensive screen thousands of red rice and red rice Plus 5 machine 5, configuration in thousand machines acceptable, the biggest bright spot is taken to improve the proportion of the screen narrow forehead and chin full screen shape, will be the first comprehensive screen into thousand machines. 5 red rice 799 yuan from the sale, 5 red rice Plus to 999 yuan from the sale, called the price butcher, two mobile phone launches in a twelve day, as sales of stormtroopers intentions clear.

: HUAWEI in the low-end hair, with "text-align: start style=

11 the end of the month, a cheap version of Mate 10 "glory V10 release, equipped with 18:9 full screen, 13 million pixel front camera self timer AI, rear 20 million (Hei Bai 000) +1600 (color) double shot pixels, become the highest glory configuration of the mobile phone, and AI, Yan value glory of the main selling point, 2699 yuan. In December 7th, HUAWEI Nova 2S released, in addition to the high color, full screen and four shots, taking photos is the core selling point, 2999 yuan. December 21st glory annual event, will release the glory 9 youth version, the price is 1299 yuan, carries the front and rear dual photography main photography, can see at the end of the year HUAWEI / glories released a variety of low-end mobile phones, impulse target is obvious. The

11 month and the December dense mobile phone launches have a wide range of models, but there are no heavyweight new machines. Most of the flagship mobile phone release time is mostly selected before the new iPhone in October, and the flagship machine is a little wasteful in the last two months. From the main selling point, low price, pricing and release time, the new machine at the end of release, the main goal is to impact sales.

price reduction promotion is the killer mace of impulse

mobile phone company at the end of the big sales promotion can be understood. On the one hand, the user can use the funds at the end of the year is more abundant, replacement demand, promotion is a good opportunity; on the other hand, mobile phone manufacturers in the sprint at the end of the completion of the annual target conforms to the enterprise operation needs, as of now, mobile phone companies have sales action. Also, the electricity supplier platform to carry out twelve Shopping Festival is with mobile phone companies sprint target business platform to GMV, agree without prior without previous consultation, mobile phone company to sales, so have to choose new machine in twelve Eve, and deliberately wait until twelve sale.

Meizu, which is independent from the Meizu, carries the task of impact sales. This year, 14 hands were released in 2016.