The world's most influential science and technology rankings! China only 4 people on the list, Ma Huateng ranked first!

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The world's most influential science and technology rankings! China only 4 people on the list, Ma Huateng ranked first!

2017-12-16 00:27:16 152 ℃

and a batch of lists have been released in succession at the end of the year. No, foreign media Record has just selected the most influential people in the world of science and technology in 2017.

carefully looked over the list and found that the Chinese science and technology giants were poor. The top 10, even the first 15, can't see the shadow of the Chinese big guy.

entered the most influential 100 Chinese list in 2017. There are 4 Chinese giants. They are Tencent Ma Huateng, dripping Liu Qing, American group commented Wang Xing and Baidu Lu Qi.

4 ranking chiefs ranked more than 15-30 in this interval: the former is Ma Huateng, in the eighteenth place; Liu Qing ranks twenty-eighth; Wang Xingpai is in thirtieth place; the most backward Lu Qi is ranked eighty-sixth.

finished the 4 chiefs achievement, you will know that Chinese technology is their peak in a galaxy of talents, why stand.

No.18 Ma Huateng, chairman of the Tencent Inc holding board and CEO

Ma Huateng and his Tencent Kingdom, is a regular guest on the world - class list.

is "one of China Internet Corporation's top three". Tencent's tentacles have been extending to the field of science and technology.

in the morning of November 21st, Tencent holdings opened up, and its market value reached 528 billion 471 million U.S. dollars. It surpassed Facebook at one stroke, becoming the fifth highest technology company in the world, behind apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

over the years, Tencent has invested heavily in many categories including outer space, AR/VR, intelligent hardware, search engine, technology innovation, cloud storage and medical treatment, artificial intelligence and automatic driving. Dozens of technology companies built their own technology empire. All of this, Ma Huateng can't do it.

No.28 Liu Qing, President of the

travel drops endowed both women, but also in the field of science and technology talent. As the daughter of Liu Chuanzhi, the former president and chairman of the board of directors of Lenovo Holdings Limited, she has not been pushed down by her father's aura.

Liu Qing at the age of 36 from Goldman's ten million annual salary, join uncertain taxi drops. When didi founder Cheng Wei led the team's exploits, has been around a female warrior to help pull the financing drops, completed several hit the world record of financing.

is the leading and she drops fast, leading to the acquisition of Uber China, made clear by the industry first, to promote the development of China Mobile Internet travel field.

No.30 Wang Xing, the founder of the United States group network and CEO

Wang Xing, has not stopped the footsteps of his business. Only thirty, has been a business for ten years.

, he is the founder of Renren network. He launched the first micro-blog website in China mainland, but no time to get the fruit. He was known as "the most unfortunate serial entrepreneur in history" by the industry until he founded the United States group.

Wang Xing likes to say four words, indulge in the forward. In his indulgence, he led the United States all the way forward. The group has now fined $4 billion, with a valuation of $30 billion, near the front of the market.

No.86 Lu Qi, Baidu group president and CEO

Lu Qi, once served as vice president of Microsoft online business department, is in charge of a technical team of more than 10000 people. This is the highest level of mainland Chinese in foreign technology company headquarters.

Lu Qi resigned Microsoft in September 2016, and joined Baidu in January 2017. At that time, Baidu had fallen behind the other two BAT giants. In order to change the status of

, Lu Qi abolished business, replaced senior executives, integrated a new team, and put artificial intelligence to lead Baidu to rebound. The age of artificial intelligence of Baidu Lu Qi has no worries about it.

"he's a very rare wizards in the industry," said Microsoft CEO Stephen Ballmer.

  • is written at the end:

, though the most influential 100 person list in 2017 is only 4 Chinese giants, and the rankings are not very close, but we are proud of them in the bottom of their hearts. China has no lack of outstanding scientific and technological talents. We believe that in the near future, we will see more Chinese names on this list.

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