Tencent to Ali war front, to the "no Yonghui supermarket"!

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Tencent to Ali war front, to the "no Yonghui supermarket"!

2017-12-16 09:26:02 162 ℃

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comes from: Chuang daily, brand family: Sue

, Ma Yun's front foot just bought the big RFA, and in the first few days, it also bought the retail business of Gao Xin, the old owner of big business.

that Ma Huateng does not sit, no matter whether the new retail gene, also began to layout, the first step is to buy the supermarket: shares only to rival Ali Ma Xiansheng box -- Yonghui super species.

which is not Yonghui supermarket, the current market value of 93 billion 599 million, the Tencent's old friend Jingdong has also spent 4 billion 300 million to buy 10% stake.

12 6, Yong Hui, the first brand new and upgraded future 2 concept supermarket - Yong Hui Bravo Fuzhou Baima Vanke shop officially opened.

this Tencent and Ali to be positive? Will the Jingdong and Ali's cat and dog fight be the same? This is to pull to change Yonghui Chinese new retail pattern?

news, four are scared, Yonghui soared to the limit moment, scared the afternoon to the suspension, the daily limit to 9.78 yuan.

, but look carefully, this is not an unpremonition.

just a month ago, Zhang Xuanning selected 2017 Tencent founder Yonghui ecopreneurship figures, the reason is "three years valuation growth of more than 50 times, the user scale growth of more than 10 times".

Wuzhen Dongxing bureau only soon, two horses and one east in the river and lake meet, there is a play.

China supermarket retailer five

before the head of a school moved brick grass root

since 2000, the first store opened in the FuZhou Railway Station, Yonghui with others sell 3 pieces of it sold 2 pieces of foolish effort, has incredible development.

but a lot of people do not know is that before opening the store, Zhang Xuansong and his brother Zhang Xuanning, also rely on dengsanlun door-to-door, go through rain and wind up 5 years of foolish effort, only earn the first 1 million life.

results just saved, he in the beer industry business and several million, the industry downturn plus local wineries before the attack, the money at once caught, almost even supermarkets also lost.

to see the wrong direction, Zhang Xuansong immediately retreat, focus on business super. The Fujian super day is not better, even the Taiwan retail chain giant trust mart, Metro, the world's top 500 big companies like WAL-MART are dead, closed. If not transformation, a green hand Yonghui only a dead end.

who thought a year, it opened its first Yonghui supermarket fresh food, the traditional mainstream business clothing, daily necessities, household appliances all cut down, only sell Vegetable & Fruit fresh.

with fresh self direct mining, single product profits and full ownership of three strokes, Yonghui could price to farmers market 10%. Kill decisively, Yonghui situation suddenly opened.

to 2009, it has been able to shop in the country to more than 140 branches, the successful listing after the year is the first fresh share of the year. The 19 year old man who dropped bricks from high school dropouts was easy to spend billions.

then, Yonghui tirelessly fight electricity supplier war, results of a close call: fresh electricity supplier platform "half the sky" mediocre, Yonghui micro shop also progress is not smooth, until the end of 2015, Jingdong shares, Yonghui was able to escape.

this year, become the fifth big China Yonghui supermarket supermarket retailer, after Gao Xin, WAL-MART and Huarun retail vanguard, carrefour.

attack must be hard, keep must. Who can think of to sweep away the millions of enemy troops led the way, a small supermarket has been developed to this point.

, cat and dog war plus double horse competition.

's good play is playing

, Tencent is anxious.

, China's largest retail group, Gao Xin has been taken by Ma Yun, this is nothing, Ali in September into the Xinhua capital, in June took Lianhua supermarket. Yintai business, Su Ningyun business, Sanjiang shopping which is not under its command, 4 years spent 73 billion 500 million, Ma Yun under the hard work.

how Tencent can not urgent: pay the entrance? Data entrance? Flow entrance?

Ma Huateng, looking at his strong American regiment, put the center of gravity on the net about the car market, and the fresh supermarket opened the first place in July. Also look at the old friend Jingdong hand in hand WAL-MART, the layout of the Jingdong convenience store, the fresh supermarket 7Fresh is also in the preparation.

side does not force, one side too energetically. The colt brother looked at the hands of their consciousness to absolutely empty, the super Yonghui species had to catch. Do not grasp again, so much flow in the hand is not white?

got Xiansheng box horse compete, and can be used to test the line retail technology solutions, but also for the WeChat payment system for more line scene, kill three birds, why not vote?

is on the ground floor of the Baima Vanke square, Fuzhou