Good clothing co founder and CEO Huang Zhongsheng: virtual fitting is improving retail experience WISE2017 new retail Summit

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Good clothing co founder and CEO Huang Zhongsheng: virtual fitting is improving retail experience WISE2017 new retail Summit

2017-12-16 18:36:34 180 ℃

good buy clothes co founder and CEO Huang Zhongsheng

virtual fitting is not only important in the electricity supplier channel, but also has great value online. The

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12 12 April, sponsored by the "true" 36 krypton retail boss 2017 WISE new retail summit held in Beijing International Conference Center, the retail industry's top 15 large coffee, more than 1000 retail industry elite gathered together, around the "new era of retail integration evolution" rich various Keynotes, roundtable dialogue, the first year of the new complex retail business transformation, discusses the future development trend and path of evolution of new retail.

at the 2017 WISE new retail summit, Huang Zhongsheng, the co founder and CEO of the clothing business, published the keynote speech entitled "virtual fitting + artificial intelligence to create new retail channels of clothing". For a long time, Huang Zhongsheng said, it was a terrible experience for users to buy clothes. In the offline scene, it takes a lot of trial through to make a judgment. On the line, it is not suitable until the clothes are received, and eventually it is helpless to return. One way to break through such a bad experience, Huang Zhongsheng says, is to let consumers carry out virtual fitting before they try it on.

Huang Zhongsheng said in his speech, they talked with many clothing brands, and found that virtual fitting is not only important in the electricity supplier channel, but also has great value online. In the process, there are two pain points: first, the user enters the store link, the clothes are placed on the shelf, and the more than 300 clothes in the shop cannot be tried on one by one. Second, users in the traditional clothing shopping, after leaving the shop, the user disappeared, maybe two or three months later to the store. Through virtual modeling, it can almost mirror the image, create the shape, face and hairstyle. Users can quickly and easily choose their own styles and collocation strategies.

"in the process of virtual fitting, what can we help retail with ? First, realize the experience upgrade under the line. In the process of , we precipitate user data. Second, through abundant online channels, brands can use these data to achieve brand interaction for 24 hours and interact with users. Huang Zhongsheng said that when the interaction is sustained, some new information will be generated, which is also a very important asset to the user's data. Keep these on line, optimize service and continue to cash in, to achieve greater value.

the following is Huang Zhongsheng speech, "true" retail boss APP (WeChat ID:lslb168) editing:

Huang Zhongsheng: Good afternoon, have a booth in front of us, there is a smart mirror, we can take a look. We do virtual fitting, and the beginning of the heart is to help the girl find the best clothes to see. We found a very interesting phenomenon, is the girl buy clothes thing, clothes are not standard, users buy back may wear to the body is not good, this is not to say that the clothes do not look good, or the user does not look good, but this dress is not suitable for the user. Each person has a different look and figure, she needs to pass a large number of tests, four or five is not suitable, and finally one is suitable. And the online scene, the online you are more blindfolded, you pay the money, clothes have been sent, until the clothes are not suitable to return. Is there a way to make a breakthrough in such an unfriendly way of shopping, and can you do a good job? So we made this virtual fitting. The outbreak of

's new retail business has brought us some new thoughts. When we talked with many fashion brands, we found that virtual fitting is not only valuable for e-commerce, but also for online shopping. There are two pain points under the line. It's very intense. First, customers enter the shop, clothes are placed on the rack, and they are better than the one. They don't know how to match. They don't know how to match them. They don't know what shoes and trousers they are wearing, they don't know how to wear them and hang them back. Do you know which one of the more than 300 clothes in the shop is best to see, do not know, how to do, the user can not try to wear one piece, this is a big pain point.

has another problem. In traditional clothing shopping, customers lose contact after they leave the store. Maybe they will arrive at the store in two or three months, and how to solve the problem of brand? There are many companies that

makes virtual fitting in traditional way. The method of modeling is calculated according to several surfaces of clothing, usually the result is not beautiful, and users don't feel good when they see it. Second, if the clothes come up with a three-dimensional flower and come to a lace, it takes a long time to modeling, so it can't meet the commercial needs.

we have made a technical breakthrough. Let's see what the effect is first. There are three users on the top. One is the user's real photo. The other is built by virtual modeling. You can see which is the real person and which is the modeling. The effect of our virtual modeling is almost completely mirrored to simulate our body, face and hairstyle, and every garment has a natural beauty.

how do we do this?

first, you need to get the user's figure. We have the largest database of women's figure in Asia. Through the way of AI, we have realized that users just need to enter height and weight, so we can estimate the reality of her.