Heavy pound announcement! Just, the two big giants join hands, the new era is coming soon?

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Heavy pound announcement! Just, the two big giants join hands, the new era is coming soon?

2017-12-22 09:32:02 368 ℃

full moon night, the top of the sword; the west, tianwaifeixian.

the "play" the two peerless master is not others, it is the two Internet giants: Baidu, HUAWEI China today!

collaborates "100," in

12 21, Beijing came heavy news. The two big tycoons, which were not much of the original intersection, suddenly announced that would work together to build content and AI ecology.

strategic cooperation signing ceremony, the two sides will further expand all-round cooperation in Internet service and content ecosystem, AI platform and technology, jointly build a win-win and AI mobile ecosystem, promote the application of artificial intelligence and the whole scene terminal industry quickly upgrade, bring the era of artificial intelligence "to understand you and humanity" wisdom of life experience for consumers.

2017 was an extraordinary year for China, especially in scientific and technological innovation, which was astonished by the rapid development of the foreign countries.

for Baidu , now Baidu is not only the world's largest Chinese search engine, the biggest Chinese website, to explore in the field of artificial intelligence in 2017 Baidu progress, the development of unmanned systems has been in the world leading level, and reportedly the Golden Dragon Bus cooperative unmanned bus, is expected to be launched in 2018.

and HUAWEI, 2017 also has a milepost significance of the year, as the leader of the domestic mobile phone this year, HUAWEI's flagship mobile phone Mate 10 series for the first time equipped with independent research and development of artificial intelligence chip -- 970 kylin let the Chinese people once again, a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment! Not only that, HUAWEI's current exploration in the 5G field is also in the world's leading position, and it is expected to take the lead in opening a new era of 5g commercial mobile phones.

Baidu Robin Li said at the press conference: "there are a lot of similarities between the two Baidu and HUAWEI together, should not be surprising, today we planted the seeds that will soon germinate, bloom, finally All flowers bloom together."

indeed, since this year, the Internet giants have opened the strategic mode of cooperation, but it is still on Baidu and HUAWEI this cooperation curious, two achieved good results in the development of artificial intelligence in the field of giant, will wipe out what kind of spark, like Robin Li said, do All flowers bloom together.?

has opened up the era and the future has come to

. This time, Baidu and HUAWEI suddenly announced their cooperation in the field of AI. In fact, many people are at a loss.

from the surface, one is to do the Internet, the other is a mobile phone, what is the intersection of the two?

, if Alibaba or Tencent cooperate with HUAWEI, it can be understood that Ali and Tencent have strong strength in cloud computing, and HUAWEI is in the mobile data field. Before Ali and Tencent cooperate with China Unicom, it is a good example.

does not know, Baidu and HUAWEI's cooperation, it is very likely to open a new era!

riding a boat behind. Ren Zhengfei said: "HUAWEI is only one step away from death!"

mobile phone industry has been developing at a high speed for more than ten years, and has entered a critical point of great change. The year of

, Nobel Kika can be said to open a real time keyboard screen mobile phone ; under Jobs iPhone 4 marks the intelligent mobile phone touch screen generation. After careful consideration, actually, from iPhone 4 to now, almost all mobile phones' "intelligent experience" has not changed much, but the hardware upgrading from generation to generation, faster and better screen.

and HUAWEI's ambition is the generation of the next generation of smart phones with a cross - time sense! Baidu and HUAWEI

in the heart, the future driving mobile phone industry upgrade, is interactive voice, machine vision, VR/AR and other more natural and artificial intelligence, mobile phone will also be from passive personal tools into a human avatar, can become active service for the consumer's daily AI assistant.

therefore, the "mysterious veil" of Baidu's cooperation with HUAWEI has also been unveiled. The two sides will HUAWEI HiAI and Baidu PaddlePaddle platform framework based on deep learning, play the advantages of NPU and HUAWEI, HUAWEI AI and Baidu open platform as the center of the brain open ecological service, the majority of AI developers, richer applications of artificial intelligence and intelligence service experience for consumers.

Baidu chairman Robin Li delivered a speech,

voice and image research and development, is also the focus of cooperation between the two sides. aims at the AR scene innovation. The two sides will create the industry-leading AR ecosystem with the form of "soft and hard combination" of "technology innovation + hardware landing", so as to connect users with the boundaries between virtual and reality.

in terms of Internet services and Content Ecosystem cooperation, will strengthen cooperation in search and information flow, and provide consumers with richer, high-quality content and intelligent, convenient service experience. Yu Chengdong, chairman of

HUAWEI terminal, delivered a speech.

Baidu and HUAWEI were pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence. Yu Chengdong thought Baidu was China's mutual relationship.