360 close the water drop, you want to know it's all here

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360 close the water drop, you want to know it's all here

2017-12-23 09:25:26 322 ℃
photo: Deng Pan

review of this event, the focus of controversy is that the water content of 360 is to live, live what is 360 open or open 360 independent businesses, is a violation of public privacy.


, the "China entrepreneur" reporter Guo Zhaofei, editor of

360 Di Wen Ting broadcast platform will be fully closed water.

early today, 360 water drop live product team issued a announcement that, due to internal business adjustment, water drop live from day to day stop operation. 360 smart cameras will focus on providing reliable security monitoring functions and continue to provide services to users.

in the past 10 days, around the water live with non parties, is tense, even the smell of gunpowder. On 11

12, an article entitled "a 92 year old girl to Zhou Hongyi: don't stare at us again" appeared on the Internet and spread quickly. The author claims to be a born in 1992, the content of entrepreneurs, out of curiosity to live 360 occupation, water content of the investigation, find restaurants, cafes and other shops in the not posted notices the live case directly to the 360 smart cameras to monitor the video broadcast platform in drop live, a lot of people's privacy violations. On the second day of

, the live broadcast of water droplets was responded to by an article called "95 drops of water dripping live PM to 92 years younger sister: Thank you for watching us". The

article responds that the water drop live function is added to the 360 smart camera, the default is not opened, and the 360 smart camera users can choose to open it independently. Restaurants, gymnasiums and other businesses have not been informed of users, open water droplets live broadcast by net net friends and 360 intelligent video cameras do not respect the privacy of users.

drop live admitted, "the pot, water need to live back, because we have not done a good job, not for business users to inform the obligations, so the product manager to open water live this function to do a series of improvements and strong hints, for example: buy 360 smart camera business if you want to use the live mode, must be the real name registration, the content must be taken without any personal privacy of their own or others, and to ensure that the content of health."

a lot of people think that this year the 360 founder and chairman Zhou Hongyi still love to wear red clothes, but he changed, become less love around the fire, and see who hate who. But in the face of the 92 - year - old entrepreneur, Zhou Hongyi has fired up again.

12 month 13 days, Zhou Hongyi issued an article on WeChat public number their old week lecture ", directed at the 92 years of entrepreneurs is black pr. Think you are black, must be cut off other people's money, the reason is "360 complimentary to the kindergarten 360 small drop camera, smashed a corporate job."

in the afternoon, drop live also temporarily held a news conference, said the article author Chen live on water for framed by fabricating facts, techniques such as talk ambiguously. There is sufficient evidence to prove that its practice is deliberate. Live water has fully protect user privacy for people who have ulterior motives of malicious incitement, drop live will retain the right to take further measures.

Zhou Hongyi also personally, after the conference said, "here, I hope you can help us, ferret out this behind, also want to listen to your views, need not to need to do a reward? Reward me to do it, it doesn't matter to you. I take out a few bits of money. " The content of

92 years entrepreneurs claimed that their end have not received a penny, Zhou Hongyi did not face the truth. In an interview she said, "it (360) is always in one concept. Monitoring is monitoring, live broadcast is live, take monitoring camera to live, I do not understand what it means.

at the same time, the national anti pornography office announced on its official micro-blog said, "for the recent media reflect the network spread of a large number of camera products recorded using a corporate network indecent video and other harmful information, the national" anti pornography office "has been coordinating the relevant departments in-depth investigation. According to the law of our country, it is illegal for enterprises or individuals to make or disseminate harmful information such as pornography and pornography. If they are verified, they will be severely punished, and they will be prosecuted for serious criminal responsibility according to law. Meanwhile, relevant Internet companies must strictly fulfill their main responsibilities, increase content safety control and control of such products, and effectively guard against all kinds of harmful information transmission.

360 also forwarded the micro-blog. It also called "illegal criminals who record obscene videos, illegal criminals who upload obscene videos, and criminals who spread obscene videos. No one can run!" When

is waiting for the truth in the public, the incident suddenly reverses, and the 360 water drop live platform will be completely closed and no more live service will be provided.

recalled the incident. The focus of controversy is whether the content 360 of droplet live is known, whether the content of live broadcast is opened in 360 ways or whether the related businesses independently open, and whether 360 invaded the public's privacy. The

360 smart camera is not the same as the water drop.

according to 360 aspects, the 360 smart camera, commonly known as small water droplets, was launched in 2015 and is a 360 developed home smart security hardware device. It was originally used primarily for remote home care and care for young children, previously called "360"