Will the cell phone disappear in five years? The future is unbelievable!

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Will the cell phone disappear in five years? The future is unbelievable!

2017-12-23 18:36:19 499 ℃

if someone told you that the cell phone disappeared after 5 years, do you believe it?

's more than 10 years experience of venture capital tells me that when a tide comes, people will underestimate the revolutionary and subversive force behind the evolution of science and technology. In 1999, I just returned home, when I went to Beijing University, Tsinghua and other colleges and universities to make a speech, and asked how many people used the Internet under the platform, and few people raised their hands.

I said at that time, in the 5-10 years, the Internet will completely conquer your life and work style. Your necessities and entertainment can't be separated from the Internet.

at that time a lot of people expressed suspicion and thought it was a night of darkness.

, but over the past decade, nowadays, many people can endure a day without food or water for a day, but can't stand the day without Internet. , this is the disruptive technology brought by science and technology, and this subversive trend is constantly advancing. : at the beginning, the age of PC Internet has subverted the traditional line. Now it is the era of mobile Internet that subverts the PC Internet era. In the future, the era of mobile Internet will also be subverted, and the subversion is already beginning. The thunder army previously had a view that mobile phones were the center of the future to connect everything. I have a lot of respect for Lao Da, but I don't agree with him. I think the device will disappear in 5 years.

, I can make a more bold prediction: iPhone 8s will be the last generation of iPhone. By that time, apple mobile business will completely withdraw from the stage of history, and Apple will not rebuild mobile phones. Why? Because we are going to enter the age of "everything of intelligence".

5-10 years, into the "intelligent all" new era?

in the era of intelligence, your watch, your necklace, your ring, your glasses, your car, your table, your house... All your terminal devices are intelligent. When communication, send and receive information, all kinds of applications and features become standard equipment for all smart, excuse me, why do you need a mobile phone in your pocket? when the age of intelligence comes, we will be surrounded by a variety of intelligent devices and intelligent robots. in the future without intelligent robot days, you will be difficult to adapt, as if without the Internet, without a mobile phone, you would not be able to live the same. You wake up from the eyes of that a moment, you have to live with in an intelligent robot in the environment: your home is an intelligent robot, intelligent sanitary ware will automatically adjust the water bath for you, for you will be intelligent kitchen automatic cooking breakfast; you go to work, transportation will be a unmanned robot car; when you walk into the office, you will instantly feel smart table to open the mailbox, and the day's work schedule for you......

as open all intelligent port, you will no longer need a heavy mobile phone, only need one with induction and authentication function of the ring:

if you want to make a phone call, just go to the table, with a ring of tap the table, the table is automatically retrieved your personal mail list, you want to call the table who, you can call directly; you go to the fridge tap refrigerator, the refrigerator will automatically tell you what fruit is not, you can directly purchase orders in the refrigerator; you go to the closet under tap closet, closet automatically tell you which several suitable for collocation, you can even pass The wardrobe goes directly into the Taobao page to buy a new shirt... Like a ring of magic, the ring becomes the root of everything.

is shocking! This may be the world

1 after 5 years, and this is my future book.

2, to help you focus on your computer's Mark

3, can through the holographic photography technology cooking

4, 3D pen, let you experience a magic brush.

5, mobile mini printer, too cute,

6, automatic nail machine, has seen a wave of Manicure division unemployed.

7, Hulu baby attached super absorbent surface, no longer do not have to worry about the city road water is serious.

8, human generator insole, walking edge charge, I estimate that the power of the fat will burst the table!

9, the future computer is tactile.

10, all the garbage found the home, I have the habit of throwing garbage at last can continue to be willful!

11, artificial limbs can also run, can climb mountains, can dance, no burden! Hundreds of millions of disabled people will benefit from this technology.

12, blink eyes to take pictures, this is too cool, all the moments you have seen will be remembered.