The end of the intelligent mobile phone dependence may need new technologies such as | by Chen

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The end of the intelligent mobile phone dependence may need new technologies such as | by Chen

2017-12-25 00:25:24 311 ℃

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crush rumors of "text-align: justify" > it is sometimes said that the end of a technology, is a kind of technology. Smart phones are so popular that they dominate people's time. Future technologies such as "brain machine connections" may be needed to end smart phones. But this problem may not be so sci-fi. With the gradual stabilization of the form and function of smart phone, the role of cell phone in the connection between people and the world will finally be determined.

mobile phone starts to popularize, as a "functional machine", people use it to call a short letter to set the alarm clock, sometimes play games or listen to music. The mobile phone is an essential thing for the adult to enter the society, and it is an effective tool. It's not a good Internet experience, rarely addictive or dependent, and Internet addicts are only in the PC game. But there are already some young people lying on the sofa with their amazing hand speed, sending text messages to chat. It shows some advantages in operation than that on the side lying on the bed, which can turn the PC display to 90 degrees.

wait until the age of smart phones, and the maturity of 4G and wireless networks, everything is different. In 2007, the first generation of iPhone has been launched, but the iconic event should be launched in September 2010, and all aspects are ripe. The smart phone is beginning to sweep the market, iPhone4. After six or seven years of development, smartphones are not only the means of communication, but are the most important machines for everyone's life. It is the center of people's access to information, and it is also the center of entertainment sharing. It can chat, play, watch articles, listen to songs, watch movies, and do live broadcast. With the mobile payment, the mobile phone has also become the center of life, can be online shopping, offline payment, payment, order to take out, riding a bicycle. The development of smart phone has brought the whole IT world into the era of mobile Internet. Not only the functions of PC have been moved into smart phone platform one after another, but also many new developments. APP has become a popular vocabulary.

simple function machine era, the great expansion of intelligent mobile phone function tool, which is undoubtedly a good thing. China is the most developed country with the largest mobile payment scale, and the application of mobile APP related to life function is very successful. These mobile phone functions make people's life more convenient, run away, there will be no addiction.

What Smart phones really depend on is information acquisition and entertainment. The most successful APP in the software industry is called the killer APP (killer application). Some information entertainment related APP mobile phones are not only very successful, but they really become the killer of people's time. In a positive sense, it is a technological progress that people open information entertainment APP, instead of the previous newspapers and magazines, at the time point of commuter and other fragmentation.

but cell phone APP is much more powerful than the static finite information of newspapers and magazines. When people pick up the same newspaper time and again, the information that the newspaper can provide quickly attenuates, and people can always click on the cell phone, endless. On the one hand, smart phones are very small and easy to carry, and on the other hand, it has become an interactive information terminal that connects the whole world.

it has been said that foreigners who advocate knowledge and reading are reading on the subway, rather than looking at mobile phones like the Chinese. Later, the evil China Communications Corp, the foreign subway connected to the 4G network, destroyed this small beauty.

so, when people stop watching mobile phone at dinner chat, or a long time in the mobile phone on the point to point, show some kind of addiction or dependence symptoms, this is completely understandable. People are not dependent on the screen of the mobile phone, but have a lot of interest in the world behind it. As in the previous years, many people spend a lot of time watching TV, and many people spend a lot of time using PC.

content on the Internet in the PC era is more abundant than television. But TV also has a better place than the PC Internet, showing a larger, clearer and more fluent signal. In recent years, the number of cinemas in China has increased greatly, and the function of the movie has not been replaced by PC or mobile phone. Smart phones are a window for people to watch the world. It's not long, it has new functions, and some people are still excited. But it can be seen that using smart phones to connect with the world also has its limitations.

local time on November 23, 2017, Moscow, Moscow tram quoted contactless payment system (contactless payment system), passengers using the intelligent mobile phone, bank card or only watches directly pay the fare. (image source: Orient IC)