Now, save 4 of the 4 ultimate phones that we all look forward to.

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Now, save 4 of the 4 ultimate phones that we all look forward to.

2017-12-25 18:39:02 277 ℃

2017 year countdown a few days later, we are all looking forward to the arrival of 2018, 2018 in full screen era, will not have a positive real fingerprint key, began to face recognition, fingerprint recognition is a screen compatible with full screen perfect recognition scheme, and the progress from the current perspective under the screen, the fingerprint recognition 5G network can achieve full

first LG G7

said this LG G7 uses a 6 inch screen in 2018, a resolution of 1440X2560 pixels, the screen accounting for up to 85%. At present, from the conceptual design diagram, the LG G7's upper and lower borders are very narrow, so there is no way to design entity keys because it is too narrow. Using a 5.8 inch Quad HD+ display, a vertical and horizontal 18:9, a built-in 8GB+128GB storage combination, and a 3500mAh battery capacity. In fact, this upper and lower border, using a very narrow way of setting, has gradually become the design of a full screen flagship mobile phone. The LG G7 uses a rear dual camera design, in the middle of the two camera design a flash, flash on the design of two laser probes, allegedly LG G7 this mobile phone supports laser focus, the main camera two rear camera with 23 million pixel lens, camera with 21 million pixel camera. The aperture is F/1.4, support 4K video recording, shooting. If this LGG7 is really on the market, do you think you're going to spend money to buy it? Or not to buy Samsung and iPhoneX, and buy the LG?

second is millet 7

millet 7 will use the screen under the fingerprint technology, but this technology is not mature recently, the camera may further increase, the certification with color Carle Zeiss lens algorithm is likely to appear in the millet 7 due to the purchase of the authorized time, a little late, so millet 6 is not used, but is very abundant in Millet 7 time, a year of adjustment, the camera should be running in the already very good. If you really use this technology, the experience will be better than the physical fingerprint. Let's look forward to it. Xiaolong 845 is the core of Xiaomi 7. It will carry NFC infrared sensors as well as the previous generations. It will support IP87 waterproof level. It will use pressure sensitive screen to support 3D-touch like operation, with dual rear camera and flash lamp design at the same time. Said so much, finally out of the millet 7 will spread and all online is not the same, there is no other meaning, is that millet is getting better, millet gas

third is HUAWEI P11

HUAWEI mobile phone manager Bruce Lee revealed to the public, HUAWEI said that after this year are likely to select new release at the MWC conference. From this we can predict that the P11 conference, to be held in 2018, may be held at the MWC conference. CEO, HUAWEI's consumer business, has also confirmed that HUAWEI will strengthen its long-term cooperation with Leica. HUAWEI's next - generation flagship, such as Mate 10, will continue the tradition of carrying Leica technology and create an aesthetic photo equipment for users. Yu Chengdong also stressed that HUAWEI user groups for brand in the high-end Android users and old users, consumers are replacing mobile phone, must want to change a better, if there is no better mobile phone can replace the consumers is never easy to change, to change for the better. HUAWEI's subsequent flagship mobile phone will not lose one of the Leica lens rings.

fourth is the Samsung S9

market has revealed two new models for each machine SM-G960, SM-G965, codenamed respectively Star 1, Star 2, will be equipped with Samsung's own Exynos 9810 processor, or Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, and Galaxy S9 will be equipped with 4GB of memory Galaxy S9+, the configuration specification of 6GB memory, the rest may be included by narrow frame design, display full size screen accounted for higher, respectively 5.8 inch and 6.2 inch specifications. There will still be a 3.5mm headset jack and a microSD card slot on the S9's SIM card bracket. As for the processor, the 845 chip will be used. In addition, the home Orion chip may be used according to the different regions. Storage, should be 4GB start, the maximum support for the extended memory of 128GB. It is said that

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