HUAWEI ahead of the year award! How to use people? Ren Zhengfei: money is more, not talent and talent.

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HUAWEI ahead of the year award! How to use people? Ren Zhengfei: money is more, not talent and talent.

2017-12-25 18:39:22 361 ℃
source, twenty-first Century economic report (jjbd21) integrated from the Southern Metropolis Daily, entrepreneur, socket (chazuomba), the late Zhou Meng school speech in Tsinghua University and Enterprise Management Journal
3 key :

quarter into year-end bonus prize, each quarter; the

bonus points rank and do not look at the qualifications, the initial 13 ranks the lowest level employees can take 23 grade president level awards;

the boss personally set the reward standard, only 1 profit, no cap on bonuses. After

, the internal documents issued by Ren Zhengfei were exposed, proving HUAWEI's early year - end award.

to stimulate employee morale, HUAWEI glory team: the real incentive system reform to strive for the bonus, regardless of rank, do not look at the qualifications, just look at the contribution, directed the assault, service more users, more money, no cap, timely cash.

, the plan says, as long as the goal is achieved within the boundaries of internal and external compliance, the more grain and more bonus, the 13 level will get 23 bonus. A new entry student can get millions of bonuses as long as the sales performance is in place.

's early year award is a good strategy. In this team, you never have to worry about work to get more money, don't worry about the boss will drag your bonus, but staff struggle, intentnesses assault. On the contrary, if the employee is working, he is afraid that he can't get the money, and he is afraid that the boss will pull his bonus. Is he able to do it?

is Ren Zhengfei "stupid money"? Absolutely not! On the contrary, he is fine.

is the top player in Chinese entrepreneurs. How does Ren Zhengfei use people? This article combs out Ren Zhengfei's use of human strategy and hopes to be enlightening to you.

, the most typical HUAWEI people are not talented people.

HUAWEI should recognize the power of capital, but mainly rely on the strength of laborers, if they want to create value. In the Internet age, especially in the Internet age, the ability of young people to fight is rapid.

should dare to raise wages, so the courage to reform human resources is a little bigger and a little bit more.

, we need many disciplines and talents to build HUAWEI's long-term knowledge system. We should not only focus on the recruitment of communication and electronic engineering. We can recruit some neurology, biology, chemistry, materials, theoretical physics, system engineering and so on. After

comes in, we should adhere to the 2 year protection period and do not eliminate it in 2 years. A man when HUAWEI power team was the dentist. He has two years of uncertain adaptation, and whether he can stand out in the future and see his actual contribution.

is "chicken before you have egg". That's our assumption. We have confidence in the future, so we dare to give first and let him create value. All cells in

are activated, and this person will not decline. What is the activation? Blood is the salary system.

Ren Zhengfei: what is a talent, I see the most typical HUAWEI people are not talent, money is more, not talent has become a talent.

, what I'm most happy about today is that the strategic direction of the company is consistent with what I think. In the short term, failure is not important. If we go to this road, we will succeed at last. It's only a matter of time.

recruiting talent is a matter of fact that we really don't know which talent is the best.

subverted old China by two doctors, Sun Zhongshan and Lu Xun.

when you look for a leader, how do you find a doctor to be the president? Have you ever thought about it? Sun Zhongshan, of course, was a makeshift president, but he was also president for a few days.

so who is the talent, who is not a talent, no model. You all know Jin Yinan generals, look at his resume, librarian.

HUAWEI has an open attitude. Deng Fude, the chairman of the US ginseng Federation, has been promoted from a star commander to a four-star general in 3 years, and is a general leader. Eisenhower has risen from Colonel to five star general. It only took 5 years. The United States has a human attitude, why does HUAWEI can't use it? In a speech,

Ren Zhengfei said that Google had his choice of talent, and it took a lot of talent. But we think there are many ways to identify talent, that is, we can't use a dogma to measure what is a talent.

has recruited a large number of doctorate in the United States this time, and the first volunteer of these people is Africa. Why? It is not all two generations, two generations of officials, and two generations in the poor. The most ideal

of two generations of poor, the book is read as soon as possible to earn money to help pay for mom and dad. Where did HUAWEI make the most money and Africa made the most money? They chose to go to Africa. When they went to Africa, they understood everything. How did you know that he was not HUAWEI's future successor?

, of course, went to the hard area,