Be careful, WeChat officials suddenly have a large scale

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Be careful, WeChat officials suddenly have a large scale

2017-12-26 09:29:19 309 ℃

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actually, the WeChat seal action is not the first time.


recently, there are many Internet users in micro-blog, their own micro signal was sealed.

titles, that received account penalties, banned types in different situations: some 1 days, some 2 days, some indefinitely......

showed the main reasons for the ban: the installation of unofficial WeChat client, the user complaints and confirmation of a large number of garbage information and other harassment.

. When the micro signal is sealed, many netizens will have a doubt for the first time: why is it sealed? How to release? What is the rule of seal number? What about the change in the WeChat wallet? Don't worry. Let's see one by one. Why does

seal the number?

has learned that most of WeChat's titles are aimed at users who use third party software to log in, and users are basically using WeChat's "separation" software.

, moreover, the reason why WeChat official responded to the title is that the WeChat account was restricted to login because of the use of the unofficial WeChat client. If the follow-up continues to be used, it will permanently restrict the login.

WeChat official: send SMS verification, enter a friend mobile phone number, and then bind the mobile phone number friends in WeChat's "WeChat team" self-help.

but there are friends that do not follow the prompts after unsealing success.

, which actions will cause WeChat's title?

, in fact, the WeChat title is not unexpected. Throughout the whole year, WeChat has been watching the situation of illegal use of WeChat. Almost every other time, news broke out that there is a new round of closing operations.

, then what is the WeChat based on?

it is understood that, in accordance with the official WeChat judgment violations of the basis are as follows:

, whether to use the official WeChat APP

two, whether a machine switching a plurality of micro signal

, three independent ID


five, IP address is independent of whether the use of virtual positioning

detected above any one a great chance, will be the title of

: first, and most importantly, if not download the WeChat APP in the major application market, WeChat official website, or non official channels to download the claim to have specific functions, such as a key forward, grab a red envelope, automatic bulk mass, so that WeChat will receive "APP don't install the current related non official client" such hints, and certainly will be the title.

second, WeChat APP with a mobile phone ID and micro signal switching multiple login, go down for a long time will be identified as "WeChat login abnormal environment" and the title, so, a WeChat APP 1-2 login can only switch a micro signal, can not be more than three.

third, ID belongs to the mobile phone identification code, WeChat is the monitoring system for judging your every micro signal corresponds to only one device, generally has several elements of judgment: mobile phone models, mobile phone serial code (also called IMEI, each mobile phone is unique), mobile phone system version, otherwise it will be a possible title.

fourth, is a bandwidth of a IP, if multiple WeChat in this broadband network log in, will be considered to be a login exception.

fifth points, if using virtual location, WeChat official will detect area handover, so a few minutes a location is equal to "suicide".

comprehensive, need to avoid the above five monitoring rules at the same time, can try to avoid their own micro signal is monitored or temporarily limited function, there is a seal. Why is

WeChat sealed on a large scale?

actually, a lot of Android mobile manufacturers have launched WeChat double open function, and take it as a selling point. Some third party software also supports WeChat double open. In the apple iOS system, most of them are non WeChat official app developed by third party developers.

Tencent decided to crack down on more software because of the following points:

first, considering the security of users' information. All kinds of WeChat software are not officially developed by WeChat, more of which are developed by personal developers. When the user through the avatar version of WeChat login, developers can access to the user's account password, operating records, and even bank account information and other private information, you can directly to the WeChat wallet stolen money, if you have a bank card binding, then the consequences be unbearable to contemplate more.

second is to combat micro business and give users a good user experience. With the development of WeChat, most of the micro businesses have been criticized. Their marketing means are very simple. They are constantly copying, pasting, distributing the marketing content of friends circle, and affecting users very much.