Tinder: QQ promotion of products like virus, Ma Huateng: the team has asked the rectification of violations, apologize

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Tinder: QQ promotion of products like virus, Ma Huateng: the team has asked the rectification of violations, apologize

2017-12-26 18:27:35 321 ℃

day before, there are users, security software program of Tencent official tinder the poison, to automatically block processing. In this regard, tinder gave detailed explanation, this non manslaughter, false positives, but Tencent to promote their products, problems of serious functional offside, like virus propagation etc.. Ye evening (December 25th), the Internet critic keso forwarding "intercept" product description below the tinder Tencent, Ma Huateng admitted that the team is the Tencent after the self violation, and claims to have strict rectification and apology. The Tencent stewardship official has issued an apology statement today, which indicates that the products that have been dealt with offline will deal with the responsible persons, do not tolerate the behavior that is against user value, and welcome the supervision of users and agencies.

specifically, tinder security pointed out that Tencent in the promotion of "QQ browser" and "Tencent security management" in the process, a module operation of the similar virus, and has strong concealment. When the user computer starts QQ, it will release the virus "TrojanDownloader/Popeng.a" through the protection program named QQ security protection process (Q shield), then users will receive Tencent's promotion pop-up. Once the user clicks, the software is immediately installed to the user's computer.

the program will check whether the user's computer will install 360 security guards. If it is detected, the promotion will be terminated. In addition, it can also accept remote "cloud control" instructions, decide to promote the content of the software, and continue to implement the promotion.

tinder aspects of monitoring data show that in the beginning of the end of November, Tencent using the method of large-scale promotion of "QQ browser", and also push "Tencent", computer housekeeper nearly a month, every day millions of the computer with QQ, subject to such infringement harassment. Prior to

, Internet Co had many user infringements to promote its own products, such as Baidu's family pail, which was ridiculed by users. A software was installed accidentally, with a bunch of software attached, and it was hard to delete. The tinder team had told krypton 36, now making a lot of virus both in helping commercial software promotion, or even directly turned provided by rogue software. Sample test 19 million samples found tinder, now the virus threat classification is divided into two categories, one is the traditional virus, a grey system. The threat of the traditional virus is only 58%, and it has fallen sharply, and the grey software accounts for 42%, which has risen very clearly in recent years.