Three men in control of the Meizu

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Three men in control of the Meizu

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the Yellow chapter is back again.

is concerned about the Meizu people, which has been heard many times from 2014 to now. As the founder and chairman of Meizu,

has been playing the role of "retired veteran leader of the second line" for a long time. The company's daily operation mainly relies on the three swordsmen of Meizu: Bai Yongxiang, Li Nan and Yang Yan.

"Meizu Three Musketeers": from left to right, Yang Yan, Bai Yongxiang, Li Nan

Bai Yongxiang: "one of the founders I also Meizu

2001, Shenzhen Weijian international Engineer Bai Yongxiang received a customer.

"we two are made of VCD and a fiddle audio fancier, so talk very congenial", Bai Yongxiang two people to chat impressed.

MP3 Engineer Bai Yongxiang never thought that it was the less than half an hour talk that changed his career in the next ten years.

the name of the chapter "clients" soon realized that the University of Electronic Science and technology graduate student Bai Yongxiang is a rare talent, repeatedly calling to invite Bai Yongxiang to join. Bai Yongxiang decided to try it without an invitation to the Yellow chapter. He moved his family from Shenzhen to Zhuhai in order to take care of his work and family. At the time of

, the MP3 industry was a huge vents, and the consumer market was in the era of MP3 replacing tapes. In 2002, Huang Zhang decided to be independent from the original company and do it alone.

"old white, the wages I come to solve, follow me to do it," and Bai Yongxiang was involved in creating a company called the Meizu.

youth Bai Yongxiang photograph: cnBeta

Bai Yongxiang in the early, Meizu's status as the eyes of Jobs wozniak.

yellow chapter main product design, Bai Yongxiang main product engineering. In the MP3 era, the yellow and white partner's Meizu product was fast.

, however, it was a difficult task for Bai Yongxiang, the general engineer of the time, to do a good job of MP3. In

2003, Meizu soon launched the first MP3 MX -- though it is "MX to MX" and "dreamer" in the kerosene heart, it is not enough to form a strong brand effect and open up the market. The next generation of ME products has been improved, but because the wedding dress is OEM ONDA OEM partners.

until the birth of the classic E3 in 2005, Meizu finally made the product brand: before E3, there were only two kinds of MP3 on the market: the foreign products represented by iPod and the domestic MP3. After E3, the MP3 category became three kinds -- iPod, Meizu MP3, domestic MP3.

Bai Yongxiang's summary of the time was "very hard, but very high".

2007, the Meizu made a more high. A MP3 factory to do mobile phone, snatch from the time of the mobile phone maker NOKIA under the thumb.

"you can't, to die." everyone thinks the Meizu is crazy.

Bai Yongxiang soon began to implement the plan. He dug from Shenzhen Quanzhida to dig the development of intelligent mobile phone operating system programmers, from domestic hardware manufacturers hired senior kernel developers, Microsoft and WinCE are authorized to negotiate.

Meizu had been struggling for two years, and by 2009, M8 was finally born. On the day of official sale, M8 was hard to find, and many Meizu franchised stores lined up.

Meizu has completed the thrilling leap from MP3 to mobile phone. As one of the founders, Bai Yongxiang knows more than anyone. If this jump fails, there may be no Meizu company. Meizu

the successful transformation of the mobile phone business, Huang Zhang assured the company to have the "comrades" Bai Yongxiang, choose "seclusion". In 2011, Mr. Huang faded out of the company's daily management, and Bai Yongxiang welcomed the most important title in his career - the Meizu CEO.

the age of the Meizu of Bai Yongxiang's helm, the change of the Meizu can be said to be the earth shaking. In July 2012, Flyme 1 was released on the MX phone, and at the end of the year the MX 2 with Flyme 2 was launched.

at that time can be bought on the market is the mobile phone is iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2, HTC Butterfly, millet 2. Bai Yongxiang knew very well that without Flyme, MX would be nothing in front of these rivals -- "no Flyme, no Meizu"

, Lao Bai served as the title of Meizu CEO until 2013.

Yang Yan: a year ago the designer's efforts and fortune

Flyme was born, Yang Yan joined meizu.

previously served as creative director of the Eico Design, leading the design of the Meizu M8 UI. As a result, he was deeply appreciated by the Yellow chapter and was dug into the Meizu.

"500 interfaces, more than 300 effect diagrams, and more than 1000 controls. "

this is the design of Yang Yan to join the Meizu after the task of the greatest amount of work. The Meizu had only more than 10 software technicians, two interactive designers, and no visual designers.

, "a renderings are changed several times a day, all of which are hand drawn and identified, and then they are sent to designers to extend the interface". After finishing the work, Yang Yan was reused by the company -- because his works were finally named Flyme.

Yang Yan source: Baidu Encyclopedia

and Yang Yan is derived from the real rise head and shoulders above others an opportunity, also because of his sincerity as a meizu.

2014, originally in charge of Flyme