Suning has been set up for 27 years: 1 billion 100 million, 100 thousand oranges and 27 meters of cake.

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Suning has been set up for 27 years: 1 billion 100 million, 100 thousand oranges and 27 meters of cake.

2017-12-26 18:29:22 335 ℃

1990 in December 26th, Suning set up the first air-conditioner franchise in Ninghai Road, Nanjing. Today is the twenty-seventh anniversary of Suning, announced that in addition to 180 thousand employees to tell "every year to give at least one day wages, for a day of volunteer commitment, headquarters in Nanjing put a huge cake, 27 meters long, a total cost of 400 kg of fruit, 720 cans of cream, 11000 egg, 480 pounds of sugar. 624 pounds of flour.

in addition, from the poor county of Hunan Mayang sunshine is the anniversary of Bingtang orange highlights, held today at the 27th anniversary Suning public Birthday Ceremony, 100 thousand oranges placed "1226, 2017" Suning ", since it is the poverty charity, Suning employees for this batch of Bingtang orange pocket.

Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong at the scene said that Suning will public welfare activities and Si Qingfang on the same day, the purpose is to forget the beginning of the heart to encourage each employee, the welfare of the road go farther. According to

as the National Poverty Alleviation Office of poverty alleviation to reach the intention of cooperation business enterprise, 2015 Suning enterprise transformation, in order to solve the management of agricultural products "small and scattered", logistics network is not perfect as well as the electricity supplier talent shortage and other issues, to develop "three of the five when the" rural electricity supplier model as the starting point of the "020 poor" road, agricultural industry, agricultural products brand, rural professional personnel and sales in the local tax in the local, local, local employment in the service and making the rich in the local.

in November 11th of this year, sunning pioneered the first pilot of the "electric business poverty alleviation training shop" mode in Guyuan County, Hebei. Zhang Jindong disclosed that in 2018, Suning also had to implement the poverty alleviation training shop in the 100 poverty-stricken counties of the country, and implemented poverty alleviation through employment, training and poverty alleviation, pro poor and donations to help the poor, helping poor farmers get rid of poverty and training rural electricity providers to become rich leaders.