No, ID! The state and the Tencent jointly announced!

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No, ID! The state and the Tencent jointly announced!

2017-12-27 00:25:32 159 ℃

before, we are like this:

ticket ticket, no evidence, roll!

Penzion Plesnivec Hotel, no evidence, roll!

go to the bank to do something, no evidence, roll!

will even go to the police station to call the police, and also take the ID card to prove "you are you"!

just, the country's sudden announcement, let everyone out of hand!

site issue, site use, brush face. today, the country's first "WeChat identity card" was born in Guangdong!

, the "WeChat identity card", was launched by the first Research Institute of the Ministry of public security and was piloted by the police and the Tencent WeChat team in Guangdong. The popular point is the network version of the ID card or the electronic version.

expects to promote

identity card in January next year. It can be said that it is necessary for us to survive. However, information leakage on identity cards has also brought trouble to many people's lives.

according to incomplete statistics, in 2016 our country through different channels of disclosure of personal information up to 6 billion 500 million times! That is to say, the average person's personal information has been leaked at least 5 times! Leaked identity information to cheat crime crime and provide help, like Xu Yulin tragedy occurred because of information leakage.

Beijing time December 25, 2017, the Nansha branch of Guangzhou jointly launched the first official WeChat official identity card in the country. It is reported that WeChat

, identity card is based on the "identity card law", with identity card data as the foundation, through the national "Internet plus trusted authentication platform" issued by and the real ID chip only the corresponding electronic map file - ID card "network".

has it. In the future, you don't need to bring your ID card to run around the world everyday. If you need to show your ID card, take out your cell phone, open WeChat card bag, and brush it.

brush face to complete the identity authentication of

according to the Nansha District Public Security Bureau police officer said Yan introduced the application of face recognition technology of micro police certification ", the authenticity and consistency of the automatic alignment of user identity information, ID portrait, by artificial intelligence system, the success ratio can be opened online ID certificate.

Yan police officer also said that the identification of the AI system is only one millionth of a miscarriage rate.

yes, you are not mistaken, one millionth of the error rate, equivalent to 100 million people at the top of 100 people. This probability is basically negligible. That is to say, this face recognition technology can resist all kinds of real forgery attacks, no matter whether you use 3D reconstruction or human fusion software, or screen replay / print mask, or take print photos / digital photos. The face of twins and four twins can be easily identified.

identity card is not only a person's most important identity certificate, but also needs to show your ID card in every aspect of your life and travel. If you forget to carry it or lose it, a network card can be used at this time.

, for example, for accommodation, logistics, mail, train and government affairs, you only need to take out your cell phone to brush your face and you can prove that I am myself.

applies for the steps of WeChat identity card "net certificate".

1. searches for "net card" through WeChat applet, and gets the black and white "simple version" ID card "net certificate" online.

2. certification through the micro police App into the trusted terminal page, trusted terminal equipment of two-dimensional code scanning line, set the ID password (8 digits), brush card, can get the color "upgrade" ID card "network".

currently has the two ways, of course they daily use of the scene is different, the simplified version can be used for simple scenes, hotel or registered Internet cafes and so on; an updated version of the applicable requirements, strict qualification of the scene, such as the industrial and commercial registration etc..

some netizens said if I lost my phone, what would you do? The public can invalidate the original identity card "net card" by re setting 8 codes of identity card. Prevent criminals from making use of your personal information.

China changes, we are everywhere brush face, brush WeChat!

in the future, WeChat ID is coming, not only is the confirmation of the identity of more convenient, but also good to protect our privacy, greatly improves the safety of!

before we took a piece of ID card printing documents, everywhere, all the information in the imperceptibly their information is recorded, now have electronic identity card, whether payment transaction or identification, only need to confirm ID, do not use a lot of exposure of the identity information.

can be seen, an era of identity verification by traditional identity cards