Zhejiang University developed a new type of super battery: charge for 5 seconds for 2 hours

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Zhejiang University developed a new type of super battery: charge for 5 seconds for 2 hours

2017-12-27 00:25:36 163 ℃

| Li Yuchen

from the Lei Feng network (leiphone-sz) reported

Lei Feng network news, recently, new aluminum - superb team developed the graphene battery Department of polymer science and engineering Zhejiang University. This kind of battery works in an environment of 40 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius, which is not only resistant to high temperature, but also against cold. In the environment of 30 degrees Celsius, the new battery can achieve 1000 times charge and discharge performance, and it can achieve 45 thousand stable cycles in the environment of 100 degrees Celsius. The new type of battery is flexible, and after it is bent for ten thousand times, the capacity is completely kept; and, even if the core is exposed to the flame, it will not fire or explode.

has been tested. The specific capacity of graphene cathode reaches 120mAh/g (MA time per gram). After 250 thousand cycles of charge and discharge, it can still maintain 91% capacity. At the same time, its rate performance is excellent. Fast charge can be full of electricity in 1. seconds, and still has 111mAh/g reversible capacity.

al graphene battery lit with "LED lamp ZJU120" on

Lei Feng network learned, compared to lithium batteries, high developed aluminum battery graphene shows obvious advantages: general battery with repeated charge and discharge, continue to lower than capacity, this is it that 'not durable. But aluminum - graphene batteries show excellent performance at this point. If a charge - discharge is used as a cycle, the battery goes through 250 thousand cycles, and the specific capacitance is still up to 91%, with almost no loss.

Lei Feng has learned that if smartphones use this battery, it can be used for nearly 70 years, even if it is charged 10 times a day. This kind of aluminum graphene super battery has much higher power and cycle life than other batteries, and has higher energy density, higher rate performance and cycle life than supercapacitors. That's great. This shows that it is completely possible to charge 5 seconds for 2 hours in the future if it is used on a mobile phone.

but, well, it's also a big challenge to be truly commercialized, and it takes more scientists' efforts and investment to achieve it.

said that the current cathode has much room to improve than the capacity, output voltage and surface load. The energy density is not enough to match the lithium ion battery. In the future, we need to maintain the high power density and further increase the energy density. In addition, the price of the classical ionic liquid electrolyte is more expensive, and the commercial prospect of the aluminum ion battery will be broader if the cheaper electrolyte can be found. Senior investment adviser

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