360 announced the permanent closure of water live 92 years girls triumph of Zhou Hongyi, who won?

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360 announced the permanent closure of water live 92 years girls triumph of Zhou Hongyi, who won?

2017-12-27 00:25:40 363 ℃

of course, a 92 year old girl stirred up a storm, and finally ended with the compromise of Zhou Hongyi. 360 companies announced the active and permanent closure of the water droplet direct seeding platform. It is reported that before the closure, the live broadcast of water droplets has downloaded all the live videos of public places involving public movements, leaving only the pure public welfare live broadcast such as precision poverty alleviation and ecological agriculture.

the question, why is the war god Zhou Hongyi compromising, who is the winner?

to see the views of all parties.

and the Internet to see a bunch of so-called experts have praised, said Zhou Hongyi called a "beautiful PR war".

but not many people would think that the 360 companies and Zhou Hongyi will get what good lessons in this matter, but do not think they will sincerely apologize, said water is broadcast in response to user demand and the emergence of innovative products, this is simply shirk the responsibility. Is the user's demand a reason for a big day? If the user wants you to do the crime, do you want to respond? It is clear.

frankly, from the 3721 assistants, Zhou Hongyi can't wash out the name of the father of the Chinese hooligan software. It is necessary to know that this reputation has been embedded in the history of the development of the Internet in China, and has also been immersed in the enterprises created and participated by Zhou Hongyi.

drops live by 92 years girls questioned, into public relations crisis, Zhou Hongyi was in his circle of friends to talk about the matter, the surprise is that Ma Huateng was in Zhou Hongyi's circle of friends comments, and also put forward their own proposals.

Ma Huateng said, it is very simple: cancel the live broadcast of cloud, especially restaurant. The children's parents' mobile phone registration should be allowed to watch the designated camera in the kindergarten.

then Zhou Hongyi sighed that Ma Huateng is indeed the top product manager in China. At the first glance, we can find out the crux of the problem.

4, the winner is more than one

why "92 years girl" Chen Feifei is also a winner, of course, not because Chen Feifei's article led to the drop of live broadcast. Look at Chen Feifei's past experience: "my chest brain" founder, wrote "I am within 48 hours for public comment and other tools about 4 men", it may not simply privacy infringement so simple, as is not so black public relations only the parties themselves know. But Chen Feifei rub drops live events popularity rose is an indisputable fact that, after all, a lot of people like me don't know who is Chen Feifei also believe that before this.

no more than 123 words, the biggest winner is the 92 year old girl. After all, there is no loss, no cost, she has been turned into a hot person himself, and he can also give himself diversion. Why not?

, of course, consumers are also the winners, and privacy has been better protected. What do you think of