WeChat earthquake! The state has just announced it!

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WeChat earthquake! The state has just announced it!

2017-12-27 09:25:25 147 ℃


go out with the ID card?

believe, a lot of people will answer: of course, this is the right thing, otherwise how to prove you are yourself?

however, this thing happened today, I will let you head jieshe soon, with identity cards out, out!

Yes, soon, as long as you take the WeChat, and then shine your face, you can walk all over the world! what Id, what wallet, all don't take, you can also back, step forward!

the changes of the times, that is so fast!

just announced the sudden, be caught off guard, state, let all people be taken by surprise!

site issue, site use, brush face to do. today, the country's first "WeChat identity card" was born in Guangdong!

, the WeChat identity card was launched by the first Research Institute of the Ministry of public security, and was piloted by the police and Tencent WeChat team first in Guangdong. , the popular point, is the network version of the ID card or the electronic version.

with it, in the future, you don't need to carry your ID card with you every day to run around the world. If you need to show your ID card, take out your cell phone, open WeChat card bag, and brush it.

1, this "WeChat identity card" how to deal with?

, in particular, the opening of "WeChat ID card", the process is so many steps:

1, through the "micro alert" WeChat small program (or "micro alarm authentication" APP registration).

2, fill in personal information, and set the identity card authentication code, remote living person image collection.

3 and related information are sent to the background identity information database for comparison validation.

4, the registration validation can be used after the success.

it is worth mentioning that this "WeChat ID" generation process is very safe, not retain any information and information and its face, fingerprint, ID chip binding, is almost impossible to fake , safety bar bar.

2, someone may ask: how to use the "WeChat ID card"?

is actually very simple: do the "WeChat ID card", if they need to prove that you are your own "scene, as long as the" net card + brush face model can fix, no need to carry ID entity and retained a copy of ID card.

with a specific process, open sharing the same bike, as long as the business window showing sweep the two-dimensional code, you can enter the authentication page, brush face, the public security department will send back authentication information to the receiving unit of the system, we together live.

this is the artificial intelligence technology of face recognition . AI can automatically compare the authenticity and consistency of user identity information, portrait and identity document, and the rate of false recognition is only one in a million.

Yes, you are not mistaken, one millionth of the error rate, equivalent to 100 million people at the top of 100 people. This probability is basically negligible. That is to say, face recognition technology can resist all kinds of real forgery attacks, whether you use 3D reconstruction or human fusion software, or screen replay / print mask, or take print photos / digital photos. The face of twins and four twins can be easily identified.

convenient! Quick! Accurate!

at present, the ID card network certificate is only pilot in Guangdong, but it will be promoted to the whole country by January next year.


Ma Yun once said: "travel around the world in the future, may not even have passports, with a face can be unimpeded in the world. The voice still linger is not absolute, a "eat on his" era is coming.

"WeChat identity card" is born, for all parties, it can be said to be a win!

government is happy : saving administrative costs, improving