The real name mobile phone card is not canceled will not renew? It's clear to see this.

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The real name mobile phone card is not canceled will not renew? It's clear to see this.

2017-12-27 09:27:04 119 ℃

, as we all know, mobile phones can be regarded as one hand now, and now the cell phone number is also a real name authentication. So how do we do it when we want to change the phone number? A normal person would choose the money consumed, but many people lose a little, that is must go to the cancellation on the number of business hall. Because it doesn't write off, how does the operator charge or charge every month?

, if the users are serious enough, they will also have blacklists for operators. The future is credit society. If we have the title of the list, it will be really bad. This will affect the future of business and buying a house and other loans. So users must be aware of this.

also broke out a piece of news in the previous period, because his old mobile phone number did not go to the business hall to write off. The bank card is stolen by the stolen information. Through the web site, Mr. Ma's bank card actually brushes 197.5 yuan in the website, and the operating account shows that it has just been registered for a long time. And Mr. Ma didn't get out of the number before.

currently requires the mobile card to go to the business hall for the real name system, so in order to secure its property information, if it doesn't use the real name card, it must go to the business hall to cancel it. If

does not write off its real name phone card, it is likely to have the following bad conditions. The amount of

's first arrears is increasing, that is to say, the cost operators of mobile phone cards are charged every month.

second affects the next mobile card: after the real name system of mobile card, the whole network is universal. Once the blacklist becomes the telecom, other operators will not handle it.

third affects personal credit, and the future housing loans, car loans and business loans will all be affected. So they also ask their partners to understand these problems and cherish their credit.