The Ministry of industry and information department a new speed reduction fee: Mobile, Unicom, telecom 100M broadband speed up the country's popularity!

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The Ministry of industry and information department a new speed reduction fee: Mobile, Unicom, telecom 100M broadband speed up the country's popularity!

2017-12-27 09:27:12 138 ℃

Abstract: 2017 was passed at the beginning of 2015, the Ministry proposed the speed drop charges has been implemented for two years, from the Ministry of industry data, 2015 exceeded the target, in 2016 three operators have basically implemented the speed drop fee program, 2017 results should not be too bad.

at the end of the three quarter of 2017, the average speed of the broadband has exceeded 11M, which will be conducive to the overall construction of optical fiber network operators, based on optical fiber network, broadband home users started 2017 and gradually reached 50M the popularity of 100M at the end of the year. From the current situation, in 2017, the proportion of broadband users above 50M was over 60%, and the average download rate of 4G users increased by 30% compared with the same period last year. The domestic long-distance and roaming fees of mobile phones have also been abolished.

recently, the Ministry held the 2018 National Conference of industry and information technology, pointed out that announced the "2018 key tasks", to further enhance the network supply capacity next year, increase network speed drop charges efforts to accelerate the popularization of fast broadband, promote Gigabit city construction, to achieve high-speed broadband optical fiber network in urban and rural areas comprehensive coverage, 4G network coverage rate and further enhance the mobile traffic, the average tariff of small and medium-sized enterprises, to further reduce the use of broadband and line costs decline further.

generally speaking, the average traffic cost per mobile M and the fixed network broadband average M M bandwidth decrease by around 30%, far exceeding the three largest carriers' original commitment. However, the "sense of gain" of users is not sufficient, and most users have expressed their lack of feeling. What's the matter?

the first possibility, mobile, Unicom, Telecom said the speed drop charges have been implemented, but the speed does not drop fee.

in fact based on the network speed, the average flow of users also increased, flow the rate of increase is much higher than the cost reduction. Therefore, the actual cost of the money in the flow, especially the 4G flow of the mobile phone, is not going up. So even if the cost of unit flow is reduced, but because the overall flow of use increases, natural users are not feeling the cost of falling.

second may, without contrast there is no damage

on the tariff, now only domestic tariff level is not absolutely higher than abroad, but the relative domestic users per capita income in terms of domestic communications costs accounted for Internet users per capita income disposable expenditure ratio is still relatively high.

although mobile, Unicom, the three major telecom operators set off another round of "speed drop charges" scheme, however, are basically small talk, difficult to hit the user pain points, generally difficult to make people satisfied. So the "sense of gain" is not obvious. If you want to make the user feel good, you should start with the pain of the user. What do you think?