"Laolai" Jia Yueting was ordered to return home, how to buy tickets? Netizens have been in succession

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"Laolai" Jia Yueting was ordered to return home, how to buy tickets? Netizens have been in succession

2017-12-27 09:27:17 287 ℃


vision Chinese Jia Yueting formerly known as the "old Lai blacklist", how to buy a ticket limit? The net friend broke the heart for this.


source, twenty-first Century economic report (ID:jjbd21)

still stranded abroad Jia Yueting, the last of the pack up home, hurry to buy a ticket, the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau calling you home. And you as Kellogg series 160 million assets are frozen, and you have two sets of real estate was closed...

, the only problem is that Jia Yueting had been included in the "old Lai blacklist", how to buy a ticket limit? This netizen is broken heart, fried out overnight "diving", they hand piece move out, dumbfounding...

Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau yesterday (25 days) issued a notice to LETV former Chairman Jia Yueting in December 31, 2017 before returning home, earnestly implement the actual control of the company's obligation, cooperate to solve the company the problem should be handled, the risk of the company, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors. The issue of

's time for Jia Yueting to return home once again raises concerns. After all, from July 4th this year, the United States focused on Faraday Future (Faraday, FF) - making affairs, Jia Yueting has not returned.

of Beijing securities regulatory bureau: Recently, LETV LETV and related department of the company operating difficulties, as Jia Yueting LETV and former chairman of the actual control, interest free loans to the listed company to provide the commitment not to fulfill the company needed funds, the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau explicitly asked Jia Yueting immediately return to see the attached, all kinds of risks facing the safe disposal of the company, the listed company has since repeatedly conveyed to the returning responsibility requirements, but has not yet taken action.

Jia Yueting automotive business investment and financing is stranded overseas, its control of existing debt related companies listed companies, has not yet returned, related to a serious infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of the listed company and the interests of the investors, the social impact is very bad.

Jia Yueting was included in the "old Lai blacklist":

can buy a ticket to go back to the road?

there is a problem here, in December 11th December 15th, news shows, Jia Yueting two courts were included in the dishonest debtor (commonly known as "Laolai" list)". According to the relevant provisions of the Supreme People's Court issued earlier, once included in the "Laolai" list, will limit the purchase of air tickets, domestic air tickets can not buy, but according to the analysis of the "Chinese fund", Jia Yueting can buy foreign airline ticket. But it is worth noting that flying abroad is still a high consumption behavior. If we buy or violate the restriction of consumption order and return to China in this way, facing him is still the corresponding legal liability.

this one, the net friend is in a hurry. Post saying: "Jia teacher, I miss you. Come back soon. " And the night is not Beijing Jia Yueting query and linked to the credit system of the ticket, but also generous to pay for Jia Yueting said, as long as he is willing to return home, dealing with the financial crisis "the sequela of pleasure".

and the passage of the hand, "it may have to come back in a drifting bottle."

has more friends. Netizens say with a smile, I am afraid it is necessary to start his music as a ship plan.

breaks a news: Lai had to buy tickets trapped in the Antarctic, if Jia Yueting wants to return to do?

had also had a lot of "Laolai" was included in the list of "buddy". Their experience is this:

1. sat for three days and nights of hard seat "Laolai" crazy, let his wife active repayment. The litigant said, "it's too bad!" In the long run, you can't get it, or it's better to pay back. "

2. was trapped in the south pole, finally paying 300 thousand and mortgaging 3 sets of property. At that time, the parties were traveling in Antarctica and were detained because they were unable to buy a ticket and could not return. Pay 300 thousand and mortgage 3 sets of property.

Jia Yueting was asked to return to

within 6 days if it was overdue.

even if the SFC calls, the net friend also follows the broken heart, Jia Yueting really can come back this time? What can you do if you don't come back?

according to AI financial news agency reported that the capital of Beijing (Tianjin) lawyer Wang Dianxue said that the announcement is a kind of administrative order, is legal and binding, under normal circumstances should be returned with Jia Yueting assumed responsibility. If it does not cooperate, it may be subject to the corresponding administrative penalty. In addition, if Jia Yueting does not fulfil the obligation of foreign borrowing that has been promised and causes the loss to expand, Jia Yueting will be liable for compensation.

however, Shanghai transwin senior partner of the law firm Xu Feng lawyers believe that the announcement is only a regulatory measures, if Jia Yueting failed to return on schedule, supervision departments have not returned to deal with and without coercion, good methods, these notices can be regarded as a kind of regulatory efforts.

, boss, what's your promise?

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