Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau ordered Jia Yueting to return home in 5 days; China Mobile from all the people became state-owned; the total income of the logistics industry was 7 trillion and 800 billion yuan in November this year.

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Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau ordered Jia Yueting to return home in 5 days; China Mobile from all the people became state-owned; the total income of the logistics industry was 7 trillion and 800 billion yuan in November this year.

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1999 Christmas Eve, an entrepreneur working alone in Seattle's office. The company is, and the entrepreneur is called Jeff Bezos. Quietly moved, without the convenience of the convenience of the success, I would like to dedicate this map to all the entrepreneurs of the struggle.

good morning Ari Baty, come to see today's morning newspaper together.

[] 890th

dark horse high-profile post the | quietly

headline: "you ask not"

1, Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau ordered Jia Yueting in December 31st before returning to

12 on the evening of 25 August, the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau issued a notice to LETV former chairman Jia Yueting in December 31, 2017 before returning home, should earnestly fulfill the actual control of the company duty, cooperate to solve the company issues, and properly handle the risk of the company, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

it is reported that the Beijing securities regulatory bureau has been on 13 September 2017, Jia Yueting issued a "letter of regulatory concern about Jia Yueting" (Beijing Securities No. [2017]256), clear requirements to see Jia Yueting immediately in the article, the risks facing the safe disposal of the company, the listed company has since Jia Yueting repeatedly to convey she assumed responsibility requirements, but has not yet taken action.

2, Jia Yueting's Christmas greetings and blessings of

's shout at the regulator, Jia Yueting is spending Christmas in the United States. In December 25th, Jia Yueting wrote on micro-blog: "Merry Christmas all FFer!" With the staff in front of the FF office, employees wear Christmas caps, and 6 cars are seen in the center.

3 and Wei Gan showed up on the 25 th day of

12 in the United States. The media reported that the founder of Hou Xiaoqiang, the founder of CEO and Hou Xiaoqiang, met Jia Yueting and his wife Wei Gan in Losangeles on the same day. See the diagram in detail.

4, who is 5 months, the 467 headline

according to entrepreneur & I; dark horse inventory, since Jia Yueting went to America in July 7th, more than 5 months in time, has become the largest flow of domestic science and technology media sources, according to entrepreneurs APP big data inventory, a total of there are a total of 467 more than 100 media headlines.

@ Shuimu Universities: determined man out of customs, cheat money oath not. Why should the flicker of their homeland? Life is in San Francisco.

@ Qiu Shui Tian Chang: will return to China on the 32 th of this month.

@say_concrete:, "I promise to return to China next week, who will not go home and who will be small." Next week, "Wang Wangwang!"

@Longlivemacsoap:FFer without s, it seems that he is indeed a car factory staff of not more than one

@ world: there is no way back, no law enforcement, can only put him into the capital market integrity blacklist. It seems that he doesn't have to add anything to the blacklist.

@DZS is meaningful: the Christmas gift of is not surprising, the thorn is not exciting?

@ Liu Erhei: wife go to America, I did not intend to come back

@ autumn also: he has become a rogue, China supreme godfather, the man's life, edited into a book, which can be sold to sell, because he quanqian way, it is not capable, no one with no predecessors after congratulations, he can become the only statue, China rogue godfather, could describe his life with shameless!

5, China Mobile

two Taiwan completed corporate restructuring: state-owned

12 in all 25, China Mobile made the announcement that China Mobile group enterprise type has been changed by the public ownership of state-owned enterprises. The announcement said that the name of the "Chellona Mobile Communications Corporation Cmcc" enterprise was changed to "China Mobile Ltd".

6, HUAWEI consumers BG China regional sales director Teng Hongfei was forced to take measures to

12 25 days, according to HUAWEI consumers BG Greater China executive vice president Teng Hongfei was taken to investigate the news, HUAWEI said its suspicion of non national staff of bribery, has been taken coercive measures of public security organs. HUAWEI says it has been doing business with the principles of honesty and business ethics, with zero tolerance for internal corruption.

7 and mobile phone business are in arrears of 167 million yuan, and the assets of the "Music Department" are frozen.

recently, the Beijing court trial information network issued a ruling on the freezing of music holdings, music and mobile intelligent assets. Due to contract dispute with Scud company, and the decision of the court to freeze the music as holding music as mobile intelligent under the name of bank deposits or seizure of the property of corresponding value of about 167 million yuan.

8, Tianjin Jiali plans to add 40.75% to the largest shareholder < in the music industry