Mobile refusal is not valid! The ministry news: 2020 national implementation of number portability

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Mobile refusal is not valid! The ministry news: 2020 national implementation of number portability

2017-12-27 18:25:44 289 ℃

in August of this year, the Ministry of industry and Commerce approved the new paragraph for the three operators:

the 199 segment China Telecom acquired was the first to be listed in November 19th.

China Unicom's 166 paragraph began in December 1st and started opening to the user by the provincial branch of China Unicom.

at the same time, since December 1st, section 198 of China Mobile also opened an appointment.

has been favored by a large number of consumers since the 166 Jili section of China Unicom. Because section 166 of the good, to apply for a monthly rent of 99 yuan, and a month can enjoy unlimited traffic.

at the same time, the 199 section of telecommunications also introduced a similar package, and also attracted great wave people.

a large number of users are lost from the list of "mobile old users". Plus in such a smart mobile phone and 4G Internet era, people are more and more demand for traffic, China Unicom and China Telecom and various traffic card has become more and more abundant, affordable, especially for various directional free streaming service specific user is very suitable for love. However, until now, in the Internet package, the movement is still blank.

so, after many rounds of China Unicom and China Telecom's "new card baptism", the mobile must be the emergence of a new large preferential Internet package + Liang have the ability to contend with.

it is worth noting that there is a situation is forcing mobile must have a new preferential Internet package + number.

that is, the call to carry the network is getting higher and higher. One way to say the transfer is that the operator can be replaced directly without changing the number of mobile phones that are being used. Many want to change the package but do not want to change the mobile phone number of users this is looking forward to.

at the same time, according to the information and communication industry development plan issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology "(20162020 years)" said, "will promote the mobile phone users number portability service implemented nationwide. "That is to say, if it can be carried out according to the plan, in 2020, the country can carry the number transfer network!

but have to say, if the full spread of the number of transfer network, the three major operators will undoubtedly be a big impact. Especially China Mobile.

in fact, the number portability network was released in the early 2016, with Jiangxi, Yunnan, Hubei, Hainan and Tianjin as a pilot project.

according to the relevant data show that as at the end of December 2016, the pilot of the five regions, using xiehaozhuanwang a total of 450 thousand users, including mobile articles into 162 thousand articles in 250 thousand; China Unicom to bring into 147 thousand Ctrip 161 thousand; China Telecom became the biggest winner, carrying out 66 thousand articles in 168 thousand.

mobile situation is more serious, a lot of users choose to "leave home"!

so in Internet package the strong attack of the moment, if not active in the mobile mobile phone charges to make changes, the number of users that will be proud of China Unicom and China Telecom "nibble sooner or later".

it is worth noting that China Mobile has been renamed since December 25th, and the whole owned enterprise has also been officially changed into a wholly state-owned company. I hope that the movement will be better after the reform.