The music is not dead! 10 1899 yuan of new super TV music together, whether jianglangcaijin?

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The music is not dead! 10 1899 yuan of new super TV music together, whether jianglangcaijin?

2017-12-27 18:28:28 223 ℃

12 26 days, Xinle Sunzhi family (original music video to new) held a super TV new conference, launched a series of New, Lean two series of 10 new products, covering a total of 40-65 inches.

although Jia Yueting go, although the music as a feather, but Sun Hongbin SUNAC Chinese care, LETV is back on the road, of course, business lines greatly shrink, which is definitely the main tv.

at present, there are still about 10000000 households music as a super TV, boot rate and boot said leading members of the trombone, accounted for 91%, AOC, MSTAR core partners also said it will increase the Xinle as the intellectual support home.

New series is the first wave of new products under Xinle's view system. Lean represents music's willingness to return business to simplicity. The performance of the configuration, the true 4K Ultra HD screen, 125% color gamut coverage, and insisted on using Morningstar Mstar quad core processor, the whole system comes standard with 16GB flash, and the upgrade and optimization of remote control, ID other more dexterity, the button layout is more reasonable, more convenient for single hand operation, New series remote controller is also standard Bluetooth voice function.

Music vision is really less concerned than before.

LETV super TV today held a new conference, this is Jia Yueting defeated the United States, Sun Hongbin took over as the first new tv. Less media coverage of the past, the press conference is also very low profile.

30 minutes a new release conference, in the history of the music is not much. Unlike Jia Yueting's active platform for the new product, Sun Hongbin did not appear in the new conference on super TV. There are only two people in charge of marketing and Wang Zhi, the chief designer of the product.

according to Phoenix Science and technology report, the 30 minute press conference will leave less than 5 minutes for new products and less than 3 minutes for marketing channels. The conference is more like a music supertv statement: music as super TV is hard now, but we insist on bringing good products to users, we will make a comeback and return to the top.

second days after Jia Yueting was ordered to return to his office, the media reported the annual salary of the three executives in music in 2016. This has just been frozen assets 160 million LETV, suppliers owed debt, capital chain rupture, in precarious as music, the average salary of three executives has reached 450 million yuan, becoming the 2016 annual salary of the top three.