The fastest February! Next year, a large number of flagship machines eat 845 of the dragon, the first is not millet

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The fastest February! Next year, a large number of flagship machines eat 845 of the dragon, the first is not millet

2017-12-27 18:28:36 229 ℃

2017 the end of the year, was acquired deep rumors put a big move, released a landmark strongest mobile platform Xiaolong 845. and before the king Xiaolong 835 compared to 845 in terms of performance significantly strengthened, but also increase the performance enhancement of reality, artificial intelligence and security, are chasing potential.

, and recently, Xiaolong 845 two mobile phones running out of GeekBench database, SONY 845 new machine running single thread performance is 2393, multithreading achievement is 8300. The corresponding results of Samsung SM-G965U1 are 2422 and 8351 respectively, and the running scores of CPU mobile list are 845 and 835 compared with Xiaolong 970. Exynos 8895 has obvious advantages. The single core upgrade is about 20%, and the multicore improvement is about 27%.

, then which models will take the lead in eating the 545 of the Dragon next year? Before

, it is rumored that millet 7 will be the first type of the xanlong 845. The credibility of this rumor is quite high. After all, Xiaomi and Qualcomm have been working closely for a long time. Many new technologies of Qualcomm are starting on Xiaomi mobile phone. More importantly, the Lei Jun personally appear to be the 845 of the press conference site, seems to have more confirmed the authenticity of the news.

, however, a recent form of online exposure shows that millet is likely to be preempted by Samsung. According to the form, the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 in February will be the first new machine to eat 845 of the dragon. And millet 7, only to third. When

is more interesting, the Samsung flip machine series W2019 also needs to use flagship chip, which is a bit surprising. As you know, Samsung's heart is the same as a difference in its appearance and performance.

has gradually lost interest to Samsung with the impact of the bombings and the Saad events. At the same time, Samsung also suffered a heart of the world series of domestic mobile phone siege, Jin W series is a powerful opponent. It is reported that Jin W series has successfully captured many users of Samsung heart of the world, has become an important field of the flip machine game player.

in this case, the Samsung W2019 to change the tradition, directly carrying the flagship chip, is it really forced to be forced?

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