Directly face the Tencent, let Ma Huateng personally admit, this wave of price he too value!

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Directly face the Tencent, let Ma Huateng personally admit, this wave of price he too value!

2017-12-27 18:28:40 295 ℃

pointed out that the child that the emperor ran naked was not afraid, because he was innocent and ignorant of worldly affairs, but his parents hurried to cover his mouth. Accordingly, I have reason to believe that the tinder security announcement, Tencent pointed out that ultra vires promotion issues, executives heart is disturbed, after all the adults. In front of

, the "Tencent" giant, the top five of the world's top market value, is 5000 times its own.

pointed out that the problem is even the tooth dare to confront the greatest danger. Even if there is a hammer in the hand, what is it? The business world is so complex that the end can be expected. Tinder out of this step, need courage.

forwarding the announcement, tinder partner just in my circle of friends

said: "Alas, no way, a considerable part of our time in the treatment of these. Not light, not heavy, can not stop, not false, can't let a person feel pengci...... Have to tell the user, not the tinder."

, the phrase "a lot of time is being processed" is over promotion. China's giant companies are doing this, not two days a day, but also for Tencent.

early in the history of science and technology people to visit the tinder safety, see long "abnormal behavior" list, stunned, several of the Internet's software with a great reputation was in the front row, pointing to the screen he asked: "why not intercept all these?" Ma Gangtan said "Oh, too many people have too much influence to intercept the user." He means that if the "holy woman standard" is strict in his own mind, it will be too much to intercept.

I guess, for large companies fear is part of the reason, the tinder in this disclosure prior to many on the market a lot of rogue phenomenon, is still so straightforward, not to mention other people.

however, total after they decided to summon up courage to carry the spearhead of example occurred in March, made the announcement that Baidu tinder's two sites have malicious promotion code, then the thing to rectification and apologize in Baidu. That is a little water, October, get old tinder security company talent investment, two months after the opening price of Tencent, the mentality should be thoroughly stronger. Key members of

team from rising tinder. When rising like a lion, playing with Lei Jun Jinshan, Jiangmin first, most of the country "to lay the personal safety of the terminal market; and 360 dry, but was red Hunter weeks old carrying AK47, with free mode the bullet hit and injured all over the body what is the lion be caught off guard, licking the wound is not that is their main home several wounded, when they still believe that the founder of tinder, good product should be sold directly, rather than use the free mode to do stunts, what the three stage rocket".

you can say that they are silly, do not understand the Internet, and they can also say their idealism.

Ma just said in an interview that they only felt that the market should be transparent, the price should be reasonable, and the sales and service system should be simple and reliable. However, in recent years, the competition has been brought to another direction, which is the free model opened by 360 Zhou Hongyi.

uses a story to draw an analogy: there are several clinics on the street in

. At the beginning, it was matched by medical skills. Later, all of you leveled fairly. One day, a sudden hit sign: "doctor, let the other permanent free clinic suddenly ignorant, and this kind of operation? See when you laugh! Wait until the

performance was robbed of more than half, only to find them with free as the sign of greeting the patient into the store, and thoughtful service, then open the doctor recommended their own pharmacies, nursing homes, health care hospital, by those who make money.

Jianshibumiao, some clinics began doing something else, some passive follow this pattern. The market competition is particularly fierce, in the course of contacts, the street two clinics bigger, occupy half of the country, one is originally opened free mode "security guards", is a powerful background "security housekeeper".

this street then fall into a situation: you poor medicine is not too much, and are free to make money, than who has the ability to pull more patients to other fees for their own, to prevent the patient free after the disease will run away, after all, a person to go to the A free clinic to see a doctor, can buy medicine to go to B open the drugstore, went to C's sanatorium.

then, at first, just tactfully recommended a few words, and then the house was posted around the poster, the salesman, and the promotion. Then I went to shenglayingzhuai. It was named one of the upright Boy tinder video, exposure. On the surface of

, tinder broke the rules, in fact it also broke the make everyone uncomfortable stalemate. The mode of

free basic service plus value-added payment is now being criticized more and more. It is because the practice of inducing and bundling promotion is not in a competition for two days. In the beginning, it is really good, the user is free to use a product, and the other products will be tried in your home. It can only be dragged into this battle, "

you free, I also free, coupled with the promotion of" promotion "that I more fierce, I induced!" "MD is so great!" Hey? The user doesn't seem to resist, and I'll try more... "

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