The 20 thousand and 170 major technological event inventory: Jia Yueting, Wuzhen, a bicycle sharing dinner...

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The 20 thousand and 170 major technological event inventory: Jia Yueting, Wuzhen, a bicycle sharing dinner...

2017-12-27 18:28:48 205 ℃
> / Liu Xingliang (WeChat public number: Liu Xingliang time)

ICO this year the fire, so bright three fashion show will certainly not miss this hot. So we planned a program about ICO, and invited a famous man in the industry. Unfortunately, on the first day of our preparation, the central bank issued a document, which made it impossible for us to record this program.

next, this announcement has sentenced "death penalty" to institutions involving the public financing and trading of ICO tokens.

one time all ICO tokens bloody, fell more than half, or even waiting to be delisting liquidation. While bitcoin prices plummeted nearly 20%.

just a lot of people think bitcoin's bubble is finally pierced this time, bitcoin hit bottom, out of a deep V. This is not the first time that

the bitcoin bubble is going to be disillusioned. According to the statistics, there are 129 reports on the imminent disillusionment of the bitcoin bubble on the frontline financial media. The history of bitcoin is just like a history of "bubble burst".

however, bitcoin as a fearless wayward youth, many shows incredible prices, let people question it rendered speechless.

9, WeChat

backed by Tencent, relying on WeChat 900 million users, in the Zhang Xiaolong escort, a small program in January 9th officially launched. Available at any time, run away, the birth of the small program has made up a knife for the APP of the chicken ribs. The essential feature of

Internet is sharing. In the future, all kinds of programs may be really based on cloud, and a ID can enjoy all software services. Small programs from the online one year to update the speed, the continuous improvement of the function, the future will break out of what power? It may wait and see.

8, belonging to the glory of the king this summer,

a lot of people's hands were contracted by the king's glory this year. It is also about the news: "text-align: start style=

"king of glory" in revenue in the first quarter of 12 billion, selling 150 million days into the skin, 80% of the listed companies are better than the

a 20 year old girl called after her boyfriend does not help himself to break up

Taobao king of glory

the glory of the king also faces the question all burst games will encounter the bad kids. But the question soon disappeared and the chicken came.

11 16, Baidu world conference opening, Robin Li ridiculed, after the July AI developer conference, he was asked the most is that time a self driving car received a ticket? He said, I got it. And ask: no pilotless tickets come, is pilotless still far?

congratulations on Robin. He said it's right. It's not so far away.

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