Rice flour welfare: there are 9 more devices to upgrade the MIUI 9 stable version

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Rice flour welfare: there are 9 more devices to upgrade the MIUI 9 stable version

2017-12-27 18:28:53 335 ℃

MIUI 9 stable edition, one of the yearning for many millet users. Today, Xiaomi MIUI officially announced the latest update announcement. The 27 millet models (mobile phone + flat panel) can upgrade MIUI 9 stable version, compared with the 9 announcement of the previous announcement, the welfare of rice noodles is coming.

millet MIUI latest official announcement: millet, millet millet MIX 2 MIX, Note 3, millet Note2, millet Note, millet 6, the top version of millet 5/5c/5X/5s/5s Plus, millet 4/4s/4c, millet 3, millet Unicom / Telecom version Max 2, millet Max, red rice 5/5 Plus, can be upgraded to the stable version of MIUI9.

at present, a total of 27 millet models can be upgraded to 9 stable version. Compared with the list published in mid November, there are up to 9 new models.

, of course, there is no full coverage. Millet Note Standard Version, red rice Note 3 full network version, red rice Note 4, millet 2S and other models, still not in the list of upgrade. However, the official bulletin of millet shows that it continues to be updated. Other models, need to wait. What are the highlights of


in fact, the biggest highlight of MIUI 9 is the improvement of fluency. At the same time, it also supports new functions such as fast search for pictures, magic elimination, image assistant, information assistant, transfer door, split screen, notification filter and so on. How does

upgrade the MIUI 9 stable version?

in fact, upgrade text-align: 9 stable version operation is also relatively simple. The above 27 upgrades can be upgraded through the system "setup / my device / MIUI version" check for updates. Go and try it.