Awesome! HUAWEI will release these new machines in 2018: P series, Rong Yaojun in the list

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Awesome! HUAWEI will release these new machines in 2018: P series, Rong Yaojun in the list

2017-12-27 18:28:56 1006 ℃

most people can guess that the coming 2018 HUAWEI will launch a P series and a new Mate series, but other new machines may not be very clear. Now there are foreign media to let you know in advance what new products HUAWEI will release next year.

days ago, Israel Gadgety technology media exposure to a 2018 HUAWEI product line PPT pages in the report, it can be said that the new HUAWEI next year exposure is almost.

according to the road map, HUAWEI next year Q1 will release Mate10 Pro and Mate10 Lite two new machines, which should refer to the forthcoming American market. After the release of the three new P Series in Q2, no accident will be P11, P11 Plus and P11 Lite (Youth Edition). Q4 will publish two new machines for Mate11 Pro and Mate11 Lite, so is the standard version of Mate11 canceled? In addition to

, HUAWEI is also preparing for next year's Q1 code MAYA and SALINA two new machines, which should be non flagship mobile phones. But because of the overseas market, it is possible to introduce domestic mobile phones abroad this year, such as HUAWEI Nova 2S and so on.

and glory, we expect to release a new machine in every quarter of the world next year, of which Q1's new machine may be the glory of V10, and the remaining three new machines will not be known yet. In addition to the

, HUAWEI will also publish some smart hardware in the world in 2018. Next year Q1 will launch the HUAWEI hand ring A2, HUAWEI 360 degree panoramic camera, HUAWEI weight meter and the HUAWEI wireless router B618, and Q2 will publish the HUAWEI wireless router B525.

at the moment, HUAWEI's new product next year is still quite rich, covering the various categories. It is worth mentioning that, because this is the overseas release, if it is in the country may have more new products, for example, enjoy a series of new machine head. What kind of new HUAWEI do you look forward to next year?