Exclusive | world handle, a new story with new retail a veteran business talk

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Exclusive | world handle, a new story with new retail a veteran business talk

2017-12-27 18:29:00 199 ℃

what is the mouth of the venture this year? There is no doubt that new retail is an important part of it. The giants, including Ali, Suning, Jingdong, etc., have proposed a "new" retail, retail "unbounded" and "wisdom of retail and a number of concepts, strategies and methods are different, ultimately only one purpose: to enhance the efficiency of the whole retail industry, consumer industry.

, which is a completely different path from the rise of the electricity providers in the year, the emergence of the electricity supplier in the face of subversive persons, while the new retail business is the integration of the electricity supplier and the entity retailing industry, which is a higher dimensional O2O. The simple structure is different from five or six years ago, thousands of war, taxi wars so pure trading online, offline services, new retail will be more depth bundled with the line under the line, more game player who - from the big group to shop retail, business tycoon, O2O platform, tourism and OTA platform, user community and so on in the new retail connect this node.

who is the most suitable for this? By coincidence, an information technology channel linked to the world in hand, the latter is a top-down from the B side of the new project, sanpower group hatch to handle CEO, we and the world stone Mr. Xin chatted their business ideas.

world hand CEO stone Xin

one, the world's hand is what kind of entrepreneurship project? This is from the start of October

2014 sanpower group, which owns Nanjing Nanjingxinbai, hisap etc. department stores and retail enterprises sanpower group announced the acquisition of the former boss handle network group purchase. In the new story today, sanpower group is the most important foundation project.

2017 Chinese sanpower group in the "top 500 private enterprises" ranked twenty-first, is a typical diversified business enterprises, in addition to the new consumer, also includes new health sector. Shi Xin point to the technology introduction, sanpower Group Chairman Yuan Yafei is planning the future, sanpower group will become a data company". Sanpower group has the unique advantage of the line. Hatching the world to pull hands, is to use the Internet gene through the line of data, in the scene to do things.

in the preliminary conception of this team based sanpower group in the world to handle network hatched in hand, start from the internal coordination, and gradually made a complete business loop complete coverage group, external companies and consumers, launched around the "scene". An independent company was set up in June this year, but the R & D and decision-making have already begun.

"sanpower group hatching world in hand, the primary purpose is to open up the group's various business segments, forming two platform is a data platform for docking, including infrastructure construction, data level, contains a large membership, full channel operations; two is the business collaboration platform, in diversified enterprise, endogenous or business acquisitions, to form the overall business in 1+1> group; 2 effect. For example, if you put all the lines under the sanpower group consumer scene, nearly 4000, all members of the management can form the business platform, payment, financial and insurance business, can be directly built on this platform based on."

two, the business model of the world pull hand

"we position the world as a scene service provider, the core purpose is to complete the transformation of the data."

Shi Xin will divide the business into three parts: the first of

is to make the scene wise. Shi Xin directly pointed out the serious problems of the existing "old retail": compared with the Internet industry, the traditional offline retail scene, the data is far from a man in the mall turn degree available, if he did not buy anything, he almost never leave any data on the new retail the user interest, have become empty talk.

, "all the so-called" new retail "," new consumption "and" transformation and upgrading "people want to solve this problem: how to get users' behavior online online? This year, the industry has been very hot, unmanned retail, facial recognition, and so on. The understanding of our team is that it is more important to improve the consumer experience, and more importantly, the offline scene. "

is in the world. If we want to realize the intelligent upgrading of business entities and offline entities, we must first start with data acquisition, and think of the Internet data under the line, forming the integration of online and offline.

second is the scene in the world of business operation, handle Empire, which is to bring the user value. Shi Xin think this is something like the media these years through the path: first appeared when the Internet, as long as the news together can serve all readers; and with more and more content, content classification, the formation of the various channels or vertical portal website; today more content, information media can rely on Personalized Recommendation algorithm direct service to every person. In the retail industry, whether it is offline retail entity or business, are walking this process, have gone through commercial segments, corresponding to different consumer groups, business platform can be highly personalized home page, but how can you make the next line stores has become a scale? "Our position is a step farther, organization of goods in different scenarios, the goods, service content, seamless to the user, the popular word called" unbounded retail ", break up the whole into parts."

third is scene sharing, emphasizing the intersecting and blending of the scene