WeChat small program is heavily upgraded: direct entry, fast switching and small games can be developed

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WeChat small program is heavily upgraded: direct entry, fast switching and small games can be developed

2017-12-28 18:28:46 218 ℃

Lei Feng network December 28th news, following the December 26th small program to open more connectivity, after access to audio and video, in order to help users more convenient to use a small program, just announced their new WeChat public platform, a small program of the taskbar functions in the main interface, the program menu has been upgraded, and provide fast switching of small procedures the function. At the same time, they have opened small game development documents and developer tools. New small program taskbar function

is added. In order to enable users to start and use smaller programs more easily, WeChat adds small program taskbar in the latest version of 6.6.1's main interface. The user can drop down the action, out of the taskbar, open a recently used small program or into a small program history list.

small program menu upgrade, and support small programs to switch quickly,

small program menu has been upgraded, in the original "..." button on the right side, added the "dot" button.

's original "." button function remains the same, and click on the "dot" button to leave the current small program.

(small program menu)

long press "dot" button can be called multi task switching interface, quickly open the most recently used small programs.

(long press "dot" switch applet)

will continue to open custom navigation bar capabilities, and screen more areas to developers.

small game development support

applets to support new categories - the game has been officially launched today. Game developers can look up game development documents on the WeChat public platform and download the latest developer tools. At present, the Tencent has launched a demonstration of the small game "jump one jump", interested users can update WeChat try games.

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