The dark capital history of the A station: This is essentially a company without a "master"

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The dark capital history of the A station: This is essentially a company without a "master"

2017-12-28 18:30:22 124 ℃

Wen Yan Hao

editor Yang Xuan

on the ill fated A station, a potentially important change the fate of the turn is coming. Learned from A station

36 krypton contact with this round of financing plan investment sources, has been rumored for a two month long A station and the hand of Ali scandal, to fruition.

if there is no accident, Kongpan implementation of Ali and Ali Department of Yunfeng fund will be in this round of financing in A station. According to the information obtained from 36 krypton, the new A station is expected to issue 250 million new shares. The ownership structure is 31% of Yunfeng and Alibaba, while A, the original controller of the A station, has sold 28% stake, while the old shareholder's online share is 16%. All this means that

, plus Youku potatoes, has already held 13.23% of its stake before the A station's current round of financing. After the current round of financing, the combination of Ali + Yunfeng + Youku potatoes will play a controlling role in A station. In other words, the actual controller of the A station has been transferred from the ORF system to the Ali department. The

A station's current round of financing is not smooth. Many investment professionals who have followed the A station's financing process indicate to 36 krypton that A station's current round of financing can only be provided by Ali.

, according to the A station management data obtained by 36 krypton, the actual DAU of A station in November this year has dropped to 1 million 600 thousand, of which PC end 900 thousand and mobile terminal 450 thousand. This figure is 12 million in January this year, when the average monthly DAU is also 8 million. "The data is so fast that any VC that is the main purpose of financial investment is impossible," said one of the investors to 36 krypton. The direct reason for the decline is the

data in June this year, the policy of storm, before this, A station is a UGC content accounted for over 98% of the platform 36 krypton learned from the investment industry data, in June of this year before the actual A station has 600 thousand main up, daily production of 11000 original video, users on the residence time of 54 minutes day 55 million - PV, but then the A station off the UGC content of the 70% data, suddenly plummeted.

36 krypton's A station's current round of financing plan shows that the A station's estimated value is 750 million yuan before the current round of investment. Compared to the last round of financing on A station, 1 billion 850 million of the valuation has shrunk by more than a half, while the actual valuation of A station has only reached 1 billion 30 million yuan after the current round of Ali's stake.

this has been the fifth time in the history of the A station to adjust the position of the big shareholders. As a Chinese two dimensional world pioneer, its previous financing has wide implications, not only have a direct contact with the mysterious two rich generation and the giant Unicorn fish, with Austrian flying animation, online Chinese, Huace, LETV and zhangqu technology listed companies such as lotus broken wire, and even from the relationship between the plaintiff and defendant become shareholders for the bizarre story.

capital back and forth, reverse maneuvers is a grain A the most important station in the history of the development of its various missteps in the management of after all are related to this. You can say it's a company that has too many owners, or it may never be a master.

has transferred from wingers to Austrian flight department. The founder has launched a low price and buried

Acfun. As one of the first two yuan communities in China, it has been in existence for ten years.

as a personal station, A station business is always stumbling, to the third quarter of 2009, A station encountered a crisis since the establishment of the largest, because of a failure of the A station, from July to August was directly down, during this time, A station "Bishi" members of the old Xu Yi. Another video was established as A station spare station "mikufans" (Futurama fan), later known as bilibili.

goes back to the story of the A station. Different, and still at the B station serving Xu Yi at the end of 2009, the founder of Acfun Xilin bear the high cost of video bandwidth pressure on the weak, the A station to only 4 million yuan price, sell to the famous chess game platform winger network general manager Pan Enlin, general manager of the Wuhan branch and winger Chen Shaojie, the latter directly responsible for A in Wuhan station business, and later became a live game giant Betta Betta founder C round in 2016 announced the amount of financing has been as high as 1 billion 500 million yuan, the overall valuation of A such as the present station is still high.

for A station users, compared to the person in charge Chen Shaojie this name, they are more familiar with the A station is responsible for the actual operation of the Simon, even some people think Simon is the new boss of A Station - 36 krypton from multiple channels to understand the situation is, I do not have to Simon A shares only because the external contact easily and retain the A station name.

founder Xilin A to any generation station, 2010 left the identity of the founder told the last paragraph, in which Acfun Post Bar said: "there has been a pattern of ACFUN, is not reasonable, ACFUN needs other websites to provide living space, understand the point to say, ACFUN by stealing other websites the resources have been stay alive today in a sneaky way," that a prophecy, attached to the platform and other copyright issues become the A station then several years off life.

in the domestic two dimensional culture has not been flourishing from 2010 to 2013, although the A station and train the aggregation of many two dimensional culture lovers, but not only the month after month and year after year, profitability difficult problem. In order to change the situation, in early 2013, Chen Shaojie increased the management and investment of A station. Its representative work was hatched ACFUN birth broadcast live in April. The earliest user live broadcast platform in the early stage of the country is basically user.