Ma Huateng: I don't understand, why more and more people don't care about their QQ level?

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Ma Huateng: I don't understand, why more and more people don't care about their QQ level?

2017-12-28 18:30:34 180 ℃

it is well known that before WeChat was born, QQ was the hegemon in the social field. Although QQ is now falling, for many people, QQ is still a classic. QQ was also very awesome, every function launched almost all of the classic era, especially when the introduction of the QQ level functions directly lead teenagers to full Chinese overnight Internet cafes, the national electricity consumption suddenly increased by 20%, once troubled government departments, but the passage of time, now rarely people pay attention to their QQ level, which is why? Even Ma Huateng himself could not think of it.

more and more users don't care about their QQ level for simple reasons. First, the privileges of the QQ level have disappeared. Previously, the reason that teenagers risking being arrested overnight teachers and parents go to Internet cafes to enhance QQ level, mainly because of the high level can enjoy many privileges, but now, QQ has long been a barbaric growth stage, the Tencent is now QQ in harvest stage. So if you don't give the Tencent a higher level of money, you don't have any privileges. On the other hand, you can enjoy a lot of privileges as long as you pay, no matter how low it is. Now the most popular are the QQ members, the QQ super members and the various kinds of drills.

next, the impact of WeChat. In the era of the birth of QQ level, China's Internet is not yet developed, and network applications are not abundant. Therefore, the birth of QQ level is undoubtedly like a spring breeze, which is loved by millions of young people in an instant. But now there are many Internet applications. The emergence of WeChat has occupied most of the Internet users. Therefore, user attention transfer is also one of the most important reasons for the neglect of QQ level.

again, user changes. It can be said that the QQ level is a very time branded function. When the mad pursuit of class QQ are 80, 90 generation, but this generation of people now work with marry and settle down, WeChat and other applications more time, QQ also lost new ideas, so many users will focus shifted to other interesting applications is one of the important reasons. Although many young people still stay on QQ, their concerns are quite different from those of the 1980s and 1990s. Therefore, the decline of QQ level is also normal.

everything is changing, especially in the Internet industry. QQ has been nearly twenty years since its birth. It has also been regarded as a miracle in the Internet industry. If the tide of mobile Internet comes, it will make a good ending for WeChat. But for a lot of people, although the frequency of using QQ is decreasing, but QQ is always the classic of the heart, it bears the memory of too many people.

how many levels of your QQ? Do you still care about your QQ level? Talk about your opinion!