Don't use this! The most stupid code list of the year 2017

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Don't use this! The most stupid code list of the year 2017

2017-12-28 18:32:30 728 ℃

every year at the end of the year, SplashData companies list the hottest passwords of the past year through a number of stolen account passwords published by hackers. In the past 6 years, it has been the same every year, and this year is no exception.

, you probably know what the two most commonly used is: in the 5 million passages that have been leaked, the two most used ones are "123456" and "password". There are also some new pits codes this year, including "starwars" (Star Wars) , "monkey" (monkey) , iloveyou (I love you) , whatever whatever (), and . And one of the most relevant words is probably "letmein" (let me in) , as the most ironic, it must be nominated for "trustno1" ( who don't believe) . If a password doesn't appear on the previous year's list, SplashData will list it as a new word. Morgan Slain, executive director of

SplashData, said at the press conference, "although the latest" Star Wars "has created a box office miracle, it is very unsafe to use" Star Wars "to make passwords. Hackers will be common with popular culture and sports events in the vocabulary to decrypt people's network account, because they know that many people love to use these words when the password is simple and easy to remember."

SplashData likes this list to remind people to pay attention to network security. But from the data of this year and before, we are still too stupid - a lot of simple passwords can be cracked even by the most amateur hacker.

SplashData said that the list data were mainly from North American and Western European countries, and the passwords did not include the password that was leaked by the small yellow net security vulnerabilities, or the cracked passwords in YAHOO's "hacking day" activities. The true passwords of


must be long enough to avoid common words. It's very common for passwords to be stolen now, so don't use the same password on multiple accounts. If you think the password is too bad to remember, you can try to use the password management software. Good password management software can not only help you track your password, but also generate a secure password.

, in short, the following is the seventh annual "most stupid popular password list" of SplashData, which is compared with last year's ranking change and Chinese meaning.