Drip Cheng Wei: the day of the tour of the group was eating with Wang Xing, but he didn't mention it.

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Drip Cheng Wei: the day of the tour of the group was eating with Wang Xing, but he didn't mention it.

2017-12-28 18:33:15 762 ℃

, as we all know, dripping is the leading industry of the Internet taxi industry in the world, and the US group takeaway is the leading company of the Internet ordering. A taxi driver takes a takeaway. According to the truth, the two businesses cannot compete at all. Can't understand Wang's ideas, even in the United States on the line of the United States Mission taxi. This is obviously the meaning of dripping. Cheng Weiye, the founder of the

, talked about this. He first indicated that he had a good personal relationship with Wang Xing. Wang Xing did not mention this at the time of dinner. After watching the news, it was known that the group was also playing a taxi, and Cheng Wei said it was not afraid of any enemy.

in the domestic market, successively successively defeat, Shenzhou, fast. Uber has been merged with the international market, and it is now basically finalized. Can the enterprise continue to create value, that is what I want to care about.

Cheng Wei believes that the group is not likely to get so much money as it is, and the group has no advantage in getting a taxi. Now the habits of the users are almost the same. As for Wang Xing, he is really strong, a continuous entrepreneur, is a very ambitious person.

said again, the drop and the US group were invested by the Tencent. The value of $50 billion is second in the world's 220 Unicorn companies. The mission has been playing with the front, and it is worth paying attention to the attitude of the Tencent, the top shareholder and the second largest shareholder.

and Cheng Weiqiang said hard to accept any challenge. As an industry leader, being attacked is normal. Today, we should have this vision and mind. With an old saying, you want to fight war, I will fight.