Alipay has been completely abandoned, does NFC really is to end?

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Alipay has been completely abandoned, does NFC really is to end?

2017-12-28 18:39:38 842 ℃

as a iPhone user, when taking the bus and subway in Beijing, I saw some people coming near the swipe card with their phones near the card. I really envy them. Because the

NFC module in iPhone is not open for other applications than Apple Pay, so when Beijing announced in April this year, when the bus subway support mobile phone brush, iPhone was completely excluded, the other Chinese city in the past few years are probably true.

, however, fortunately, the iPhone users are not only able to discard, but now they can swipe their cards to the subway buses. There are only some high-end and built-in NFC chip models in the Android camp.

actually sees from user experience, in all mobile payment schemes, the mobile phone is directly modeled as a traffic card, and the built-in NFC chip is the most convenient way to go through the gate. It only needs the passengers to pull out their mobile phones, like brushing the bus card as close to the brush card can be completed, without the network, very low energy consumption, in line with the intuition and user habits.

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but unfortunately, both in the industry or the public eye, NFC brush bus card has been in a state of praised embarrassment. The media and vendors have been crying out for several years. Seeing that 2018 is coming, this seemingly beautiful scheme is still not supported by most cities, public transport card companies and mobile phone manufacturers.

if you remember, around 2014, when just beginning to do mobile payment platform entrance Alipay also tried using NFC to solve the problem of Metro bus mobile phone payment.

after several years of unremitting efforts, Alipay finally...... Give up NFC and embrace sweeping code payment in an all-round way.

12 month 27 days, all the gates of Hangzhou city subway to complete the transformation, in support of Alipay scan code. From the beginning of this year, Alipay has already begun in the parts of the city to promote "solution" by code scan code, successively in Hangzhou and Wuhan city in cooperation with the bus company, opened the two-dimensional code as a means of payment by bus.

, on the previous day, the official official at the media communication conference officially announced that in the new travel strategy, scanning code will completely replace NFC to become an urban traffic payment plan.

now, as long as you are in Hangzhou, opened a Alipay client after receiving the "Hangzhou bus card" virtual traffic card and recharge, on the bus or subway station opened into the mobile phone Alipay "car key", after the scan code can stop. Liu Xiaojie, general manager of

ant city suit, explains how to play PingWest products at the communication conference. Public transport, especially the subway, has large passenger traffic and poor network signaling, which requires high payment speed and success rate. To this end, Alipay has developed a credit card and mobile phone "offline" solutions, namely gate scan two-dimensional code mobile phone this action can be completed completely offline, after the settlement. Alipay

also put this set of scan code system and ride sesame credit with sesame high users can enjoy such benefits, essentially equivalent to after the first ticket on the train.

Liu Xiaojie said that the dual off-line scan code can shorten the whole payment process to 300 milliseconds, so that passengers will not affect the passengers on the bus because of the failure of payment, causing passenger traffic congestion.

the next Alipay will continue to cooperate with public transportation group, will promote this scheme to more city.

actually, Metro bus payment standard is NFC or two-dimensional code, depends largely on the Alipay and WeChat super entrance such choice. Just like two dimensional code becomes the current universal payment and connection way, not because it is the best solution, but because it can solve all cell phone compatibility problems at one go.

2014 in August, when Alipay NFC project leader Cao Yin in the tech media tiger sniffing wrote: "NFC

industrial chain is too long, the great difficulty of integration. In the whole ecosystem, NFC chip factory, security chip factory, factory, TSM platform, mobile phone card companies, system integrators, card regulatory agencies, organizations or industry POS terminal factory, and Alipay wallet such a large entrance. This means that users do not perceive the "mobile phone" into various cards, as Alipay wallet such an integral role, must the parties and industry chain to achieve the seamless collaboration, balance the various interests, but also to create a new business model. "

later, after the fight software war, the two-dimensional code became a mobile payment scheme. Only one scene in

is not covered by this scheme, that is, the payment of the bus and the subway. The reason is that public transport has a high demand for credit card success rate and network. Two-dimensional code scanning, payment and passing is much longer than that of direct public transport card or coin. In this scenario, NFC inductive payment is indeed more convenient than a two-dimensional code.

now, the last application scene is captured by a two-dimensional code. Without Alipay this super platform support Apple Pay and not what people really want to NFC, then I am afraid.

looks back on the root cause of the abandonment of NFC, in fact, there is no unified interest demand in the industrial chain, and a pile of troubles.

NFC is a hardware level mobile integration, starting with the terminal of a mobile phone manufacturer, and in the early stages of designing a model, it is necessary to consider whether the NFC module is integrated. The factors that need to be focused on are cost and ID design: NFC makes the cost increase, so most middle and low