Seriously, you lost ten big rumors in 2017 science and technology circles

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Seriously, you lost ten big rumors in 2017 science and technology circles

2017-12-28 18:41:12 803 ℃

with the rapid development of social media such as micro-blog, the cost of getting information is getting lower and lower. Depending on the amplification effect of the network, the speed of message propagation is also geometrically increasing. This also provides a breeding ground for rumours. Life is the people have to face the problem, is especially important for the old people. This is why health rumors have long occupied the circle of our elders. Although rumors are not so rampant in science and technology, it is believed that you have been more or less blinded by some news. New Year approaching, ten rumors let us review 2017 science and technology circle. When

has not been released at iPhone X, many people don't have any hope for capacity. Guo Mingchi, a well-known analyst, revealed that as the iPhone X's pre - 3D sensor is insufficient, the "one - to - one" situation will emerge in January next year. At that time, third party sellers may be priced at about 10 thousand yuan.

iPhone X is well stocked (pictures from the Internet). From the personal experience of the author,

, on the day of iPhone X's release, basically gets the first time as long as the network condition is normal. On the day of the official sale, the price of the cattle is also around 500-1000 yuan. It's a fairly reasonable level. Then the delivery time of Apple's official website was also in advance, and in the middle of this month, apple officially opened its purchase. In the 64GB version of the price channel has fallen below 8000 yuan, for consumers, it naturally applauded. The cattle were only "Shouxiang Leiyan".

"good SONY Dafa" is the pursuit of faith. However, SONY's mobile phone business has been difficult to pick up in recent years, so that the rumor of bankruptcy is all the same. On micro-blog, there is even a blogger, "is SONY bankrupt today?" Did SONY mobile really go bankrupt? In fact, on the contrary, people live very well.

SONY live well (pictures from the network)

although SONY mobile phone sales in line with manufacturers is not a small gap, but through a series of operational adjustment, SONY mobile have a good sales in Japan and Hongkong area. In the first quarter of this year, sales of SONY mobile reached 181 billion 200 million yen (10 billion 400 million yuan), and the profit was 3 billion 600 million yen (210 million yuan). Although the data are not very good, the profit has increased by 771.3%. SONY did not collapse, but was not in high and vigorous spirits.

at the end of October this year, I believe your circle of friends will be "brain age test" shuabing. This is called "the man's eyes on a straight line?" The test is said to be able to measure the actual age of your brain. It's been spread at WeChat / friend circle for a time. However, a programmer studies the code and finds that the final results are random, no matter how you choose.

actually measured the intelligence quotient (image from the Internet)

, which is actually a viral marketing, which can get the exposure of advertisements through the wide area of transmission. But why do many people believe it? In fact, this is the common "Barnum effect". This theory holds that it is easy for everyone to believe that a general, general personality description is especially suitable for him. Even if the description is very empty, it still thinks that it reflects his personality, even if he is not such a person at all. It's the old saying, and you lose it seriously. In "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone",

received a special Christmas gift, a stealth jacket. I think that the film buddy to drool with envy. In the recent period, a video on the theme "the master vanished instantly" caused the hot discussion of micro-blog. Many self media also forward the first time that the Zhejiang University research and development successful "quantum stealth clothing", can achieve similar magic function of "stealth".

is actually a piece of green screen (pictures from the network)

but not in the way we think, although Zhejiang years ago has opened a research of stealth technology, but the results of the video but has no relationship with zhejiang. In fact, this is a green screen made of special effects, but let the man take a fire. In the aspect of Zhejiang University, the stealth technology is completely feasible in theory, but it is difficult to operate in practice. Although a stealth fighter like F35 has been in service, it can only deceive the radar, and it does not realize the invisibility in the optical sense. As for the civil field, there is a long way to go from the contact with the invisibility cloak.

what do Hocking and Lu Xun have in common? They are often used to "be" used in all kinds of famous words, but they do not actually say that. Half a year ago, the news that "Hocking warned mankind not to go to the moon" was once again on the screen. According to the report, "BBC6 15 month news, Hocking warned not to go to the moon, scientists confirmed that aliens are on the back of the moon." What's the matter with this?

Huo Jinzhen said no (pictures from the network)

it is called the "BBC global information quest" from micro-blog news. Just look at the name and know how unreliable it is. In fact, it's a marketing number. BBC has not reported the news of aliens on the back of the moon. This statement comes from a video of a Kuso 10 years ago.