Why did Luo Yonghao recommend a lock?

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Why did Luo Yonghao recommend a lock?

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and Liu Jiang Feng (left) and Luo Yonghao (right)

"pressure ah!"

Liu Jiangfeng just sat down and returned to mobile phone information. He said that about half an hour's interview was interrupted by telephone and WeChat three times. During the period, a friend called to ask him about yesterday's press conference and whether the investment was successful.

, a cow man in the mobile world, has now changed his business card - the founder of the advantage technology. After unloading CEO for about half a year, Liu Jiangfeng announced his new venture with the help of yesterday afternoon's Hammer Technology Conference.

has invested in the technology of advantage, and has entered the smart home industry as the breakthrough point. At present, the product is intelligent lock, and then there are products such as water purifier, smart toilet lid and so on. The reason why

feels stressed now is that Liu Jiangfeng used to be a professional manager when he was more and more cool, but this time he was his own boss. Everything had to start from scratch. "More and more people, spending more and more, funds, although there is no pressure, but want to have a positive cash flow." Liu Jiangfeng said.

technology advantages of smart locks

in yesterday afternoon's press conference, the founder of the hammer technology, CEO technology to help Luo Yonghao released a series of advantages of intelligent lock, is divided into three versions, which has the advantages of intelligent lock E1 price of 2699 yuan, the price of 1999 yuan C1, C1N is 1599 yuan.

, among them, the advantages of intelligent lock E1 are designed by push pull handle, which is ergonomic, easy to push and pull switch, and zinc alloy die casting technology is integrated, weighing 8 kilograms. It is also equipped with a 0.96 inch LOED integrated touch panel on the left side of the fingerprint identification area, which is used to display time, battery power and network signals.

, the product is also integrated with the Swiss FPC sensor and semiconductor fingerprint module, and self learning algorithm is applied to support various ways to unlock milliseconds, including fingerprint (0.3 second / success rate 99.9%), password, credit card, cell phone, key and bracelet. Security is the use of all metal skeleton and lock structure, the industry's most configured C level lock core, and supports a variety of networking methods, which can real-time monitor the open door records and send out passwords at any time.

installation and after-sales, 330 cities in the country provide service outlets, 5500 professional installation master. "One year replacement, 3 year warranty, and insurance, the maximum compensation of 100 thousand yuan." Liu Jiangfeng said that the current series of products have been launched on the hammer technology website.


are discussing past cooperation hammer hammer technology conference, Luo never give other manufacturers release products. Why does it break this time, what is the relationship between the merits and the hammer?

"first of all is the private relationship." Liu Jiangfeng said. He is a friend of the Luo in the circle is not what secret, Luo home now is the price of 1999 yuan of the advantages of C1 technology. In 2016, LETV announced that press conference Liu Jiangfeng as cool group CEO, he was also on the scene.

in fact, Liu Jiangfeng has another layer of identity: hammer technology investors. As early as 2016, Liu Jiangfeng invested in hammer technology. As for the 20 million yuan that is not the word of the river and the lake, Liu Jiangfeng will not comment on this.

Luo did not give a penny discount, a friend to help." Liu Jiangfeng said it was "careless throwing". In yesterday afternoon's press conference, Luo said that 2017 is an important year for the hammer, this year the company successfully revived.

2016 in the second half of the hammer in the brink of collapse under the situation of old person borrowing most of the time more than about 90000000, he was like a lot of bridges, even wrote "will". Until 2017, the hammer technology came to a turn. In addition to the

obtained from the government of Chengdu 600 million yuan investment fund industry, the key is released in May last year, nuts Pro received overwhelming praise, sold 1 million units in 6 months, follow-up and launch of Pro2 Strike while the iron is hot. nuts. The sales of the product opened, helping the hammer back a lot of blood. In Liu Jiangfeng's words, "the hammer will get better and better, and it is at least at risk." According to

, the strengths and hammers are still discussing the cooperation between the two sides. For example, the advantages to do water purifier, the hammer has to be done, and that the two sides would do together.

has nothing to regret in the cool year. Liu Jiangfeng has served in HUAWEI for nearly 20 years. He served as the president of the honorable business department in early 2014. In a year's time, he sold the glorious mobile phone sales from 100 million dollars to over 2 billion 400 million dollars. He had been in the early years of. After leaving glory, Liu Jiangfeng set up an e-commerce platform "multiple points" in 2015. In August of

2016, Liu Jiangfeng took over the olive branch thrown by Jia Yue Pavilion, and formally joined the CEO. Not long after joining the cool party, Liu Jiangfeng found that he was dragged down by the biggest shareholder's money as a financial crisis, and the problem of the cool debt was even worse than expected. "The first 8 months have been dealing with the supplier's arrears."

in addition to funding problems, the most let Liu Jiangfeng feel difficult to cast the bound hands and feet, a lot of things can not do their final decision. According to him, there are many opportunities for financing to solve the problem of capital. There are billions of yuan and lots of billions of dollars at the time, but some shareholders are reluctant to dilute their share rights, and the other part is unwilling to sell land. In August 31st

2017, Liu Jiangfeng released the news of "visit the mountain, please visit" in the circle of friends. Subsequently, the announcement of cool group confirmed Liu Jiangfeng's departure from cool. "Liu Jiangfeng resigned as chief executive on the same day because he wished to devote more time to other personal affairs. At the same time, the company appointed Executive Director and vice president Jiang Chao as CEO. "

now recollection, Liu Jiangfeng said, "there is no regret, life experience," but it is very grateful for this year in the cool.

, "victory, at any cost." after

left for nearly 4 months, Liu Jiangfeng could have chosen to be an investor, but because he was responsible for people who had followed his own business, and on the other hand, he needed a platform. Therefore, the hundreds of people had to leave the team together, continue to do part of the selection of shark game mobile phone, the other part of the intelligent Home Furnishing industry business.

's current advantages and technology have completed the wholly-owned acquisition of sesame cloud lock by domestic intelligent lock manufacturer. Liu Jiangfeng has also made strategic investments in Katie's experience with more than 30 years' lock experience. "The advantages of both sides complement each other, Katie's traditional technology for conveying the traditional lock, the advantages of communication technology." Liu Jiangfeng said. In an interview,

explained why he chose to start a business in the smart home. At the beginning of this choice, there are three main considerations: 1, whether it is the mainstream demand; 2, whether there is a head brand; 3, is it in a rapid growth period. Based on these three points, he finally chose the smart home, and first launched an intelligent door lock product.

"I am now afraid of the tuyere, and usually do not chase the tuyere." Liu Jiangfeng said. The advantage of this business he chose to return to the nature of business. In his view, a lot of business is to see if it can meet the needs of the user.

data show that the current South Korean intelligence door lock popularity rate is as high as 80%, Japan 40%, and China only a mere 2%, and rarely can take charge as chief of the head brand. Intelligent lock, as the first entry of smart home, sits on 100 billion market share. At present, Samsung, Mei, Haier and other traditional appliance giants have entered the office, and Xiaomi has invested in a deer chain that makes intelligent locks.

said that this year's smart lock industry will grow more than 100% last year, and the market can reach 3 and 40 billion. "We do a little business, and we don't have Fabio on the phone." Liu Jiangfeng said. He did not deny the advantage that HUAWEI had a big platform before, and now he was in charge of what he had to do after he was a company.

Liu Jiangfeng is currently the largest shareholder and chairman of the advantage technology, and owns its own supply chain and factory. Another big shareholder is a traditional lock - maker with more than 30 years of experience. In his words, this time is a full - hearted commitment to entrepreneurship, in his words: "not only to invest money, but also to vote."

early at a dinner in December last year, Liu Jiangfeng told ifeng.com: "science and technology China about 600 million gates and a lock life in about 10 years, there are more than 50 million year to replace the need to lock." In his view, this is more promising than the mobile phone industry that is now competing in the stock market.

compared with the rise of traditional operators and internet intelligent lock before the lock, Liu Jiangfeng believes the team has rich experience in manufacturing intelligent hardware, has a natural advantage in solving the problems of network communication of intelligent lock etc.. Compared with the traditional home appliance manufacturers, the advantage team is more flexible and will dare to try some new technologies. After the press conference of hammer technology in the afternoon of yesterday afternoon,

held its own channel investment conference at night. Announced in a short period of more than a month, the first round of investment in the first round of intelligent lock over 100 million yuan.

in business meeting, Liu Jiangfeng quoted Churchill published after the beginning of World War II for the first time as prime minister to attend the meeting billion a speech: "I

nothing but blood, toil, tears and sweat to the big house. What is the purpose of our inquiry? I can answer in one word: victory, win at all costs, win no matter how terrible it is, and strive for victory, no matter how far and hard it is, we must strive for victory as well, because no victory exists. At the top of the

big company, they choose to leave a business when they are already financially free. They usually hold a breath and want to do their own business. After more than two unsuccessful career experiences, Liu Jiangfeng also clearly needed a victory to return the mockery of his voice. When asked if the merits of

were the last stop of their business, Liu Jiangfeng said, "Who knows?"

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