Eye opener! HUAWEI P20 series officially released: 3788 yuan starting and selling

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Eye opener! HUAWEI P20 series officially released: 3788 yuan starting and selling

2018-04-12 20:25:03 142 ℃

27 last month, HUAWEI in Paris officially released its flagship open HUAWEI P20 series. The color of the P20 series is a stunning color. I believe a lot of buddy stores in the HUAWEI line has to experience the real machine. Do you want to take it home? No hurry.

just, HUAWEI held a new spring conference in Shanghai. Official for us to know the HUAWEI P20 series price! Before telling the price, let's review the details of the P20 series introduced at the conference. First came the artistic instruction of HUAWEI P20, which tells us that HUAWEI P20 series is a real phone that understands our consumers, and a customized cell phone for consumers.

next, our most expected Yu Chengdong finally came on. When it comes to the field, it means that the mobile phone is the future of photography. Indeed, mobile phones are getting better and better now, but if they are more than the real camera. There is still a long way to go for mobile phone photography. The

is officially on the stage, and the HUAWEI P20 series is really beautiful. It follows the central symmetry design of the Chinese ancient and modern heritage, and the positive receiver and the both ends of the upper and lower sides are extremely symmetrical. Then look at its horizontal back, I believe, the HUAWEI P20 series is for taking pictures.

HUAWEI P20 Pro is facing a 6.1 inch, resolution of 2280 * 1080, 18.7:9 ratio of FullView FullView full screen. HUAWEI P20 uses a 5.8 inch new generation of FullView IPS LCD full screen, with higher brightness and lower power consumption, with the same 18.7:9 as the screen. Both of them are also used to combine the pre - fingerprint with the key. For users who don't like screen keys, this scheme does do well. In addition, HUAWEI P20 Pro has been added to the IP67 level of waterproof and dustproof, and P20 only supports IP53.

looks at the biggest lifting point of the HUAWEI P20 series - taking photos. First look at the front, HUAWEI P20 series support 3D modeling technology, and can simulate a variety of lighting effects in the time of self timer, increasing the playability of the mobile phone. To the most impressive postposition imaging system. HUAWEI P20 supports 2 times nondestructive zoom and 10 times optical zoom, while HUAWEI P20 Pro also adds 5 times the mixed zoom. In the way of focusing, the HUAWEI P20 series also integrated the four in one focusing scheme for the first time, and the focus speed is amazing.

, in addition, HUAWEI P20 Pro said it will redefine the mobile phone photography system, HUAWEI P20 Pro first adopted the 20 million Wan Wan Wan Leica three lens design. In addition, the P20 series also added a color temperature sensor to the flash lamp. The whole imaging system can also have the effect of daytime imaging in the super night scene mode. After watching the sample, only Yu Chengdong said in his brain, "everyone with HUAWEI P20 is a photographer".

, in addition to the new camera system and the traditional AI recognition, HUAWEI has also brought us a new way of anti shake, namely, anti shake. This anti - tremor allows the user to be exposed in 6 seconds and take a bright, but exposed night view in a hand-held state (more than 6 seconds or three feet). This is undoubtedly the gospel of the hands of the disabled party. From the scene HUAWEI P20 Pro/iPhone X/ Samsung S9 + contrast photos, HUAWEI P20 Pro victory. Do: "but high light exposure, the dark details of"

finally, the HUAWEI P20 Series in DxO occupies the top two. The P20 score at DxO is 102, and P20 Pro is 109. Yu Chengdong said the HUAWEI P20 series took a leading picture of the world.

photo: good moments. Mobile phone photo: it is the source of the record of life.

the other hand, equipped with HUAWEI P20 series with independent NPU kylin 970; HUAWEI super fast charging, the world's first certified by TUV mobile phone; AI AI soutu, call noise reduction, AI travel assistant, AI general screen shopping; double card double 4G double VoLTE; the first support Google ARCore and EMUI 8.1; HUAWEI AR (homes selected car).

in addition to futuristic AR shopping, HUAWEI P20 series Bluetooth sound also reached the highest standard of HWA (audio bandwidth of up to 990Kbps). In addition, in addition to unlock the fingerprint to unlock, adding face unlock 360 degrees, in the dark environment can also unlock success.

HUAWEI P20 provides Aurora color, champagne gold, cherry powder gold, bright black, sapphire blue four color matching. As for the price aspect, 6GB RAM+64GB ROM:3788 yuan; 6GB RAM+128GB ROM:4288 yuan.

HUAWEI P20 Pro provides the aurora color, cherry powder gold, bright black, sapphire blue four colors. As for the price aspect, 6GB RAM+64GB ROM:4988 yuan; 6GB RAM+128GB ROM:5488 yuan; 6GB RAM+256GB ROM:6288 yuan.

these two models are officially sold at 18:08 today, are the small partners interested in the wallet ready?