Black Shark game mobile phone released: Standard Xiaolong 845, and liquid cooling, the price of 2999 yuan starting

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Black Shark game mobile phone released: Standard Xiaolong 845, and liquid cooling, the price of 2999 yuan starting

2018-04-13 20:25:04 126 ℃

has passed NOKIA 3300 to Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. After this era of mobile phone contention, there are few products that are playing the game of difference.

time in a few years, the concept of mobile phone game seems to usher in a "Renaissance" signs, after Razer launched RazerPhone, Nubian show game concept machine in MWC, another by millet investment game mobile phone black shark, finally in the afternoon was unveiled.

, let's look at the basic configuration:

  • Black Shark mobile phone screen: 5.99 inch 18:9 full screen, resolution 2160 X: 1080

  • core Qualcomm snapdragon 845

  • memory: 6GB/8GB

  • storage: 64GB/256GB

  • front camera: 20 million pixel camera aperture F/2.2

  • after the photo: photo F/1.75 12 million pixel aperture camera, camera side F/1.75 20 million pixel aperture camera

  • battery: 4000 mAh

  • system: JOY UI

  • color: black night sky, gray

  • function: support QC3.0 fast charging, with surround stereo speakers, Logo lamps,

  • liquid cooling way to unlock the front: fingerprint recognition, face unlock

  • price: 6G+64GB 2 8+128GB 999 yuan, 3499 yuan, 179 yuan for supporting the handle

  • and most of the current mobile phone, the game design as a selling point of the shark did not escape the use of mobile phone 18:9 full screen.

its front is equipped with a full screen with a 5.99 inch 18:9 resolution. At the same time, the front of the mobile phone also keeps a Home key with fingerprint recognition.

and black shark in the appearance of the biggest bright spot is the back of the mobile phone design, it is equipped with a black logo breathing light, also uses a similar design on the back of the letter X form, according to the shark introduction, this design inspiration car lines, so that the game player in the hands grip it has a comfortable feel.

on the design of this mobile phone, shark technology founder and CEO Wu Shimin said, they hope the mobile phone and handheld advantages together, to achieve the

side side of the game design concept and pure.

in the configuration, but also to emulate the flagship mobile phone black 2018. It is equipped with a Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 chip, 6GB/8GB storage and 128GB/256GB storage, a front 20 million pixel camera, a rear main 12 million pixel F/1.75 aperture camera, and a 20 million pixel F/1.75 aperture camera.

first multi directcontact integrated cooling system, it will be in the black mobile phone module, cooling unit, heat radiating substrate and multilayer graphite together, to achieve a new integrated metal cooling scheme.

and X shaped smart antenna, black shark using 2X2 MIMO multi antenna WiFi design, according to the design of such a shark, the antenna can provide WiFi signal both hands grip 360 degrees hassle.

and black shark is also provided for special Mic game voice, and HiFi Biso sound shocking.

according to the shark description of these features is summed up, cooling performance, can bring iPhone X Black Shark seckill beyond the game process of the flagship of the signal and audio performance, Samsung Galaxy S9+ seckill.

of course, but also to provide Mobile Games shark mobile phone game player game experience of optimization. The first form of parts based on the debut of the handle, it can provide plug and play experience for the shark and bring a mobile phone, LB, LT and solid rocker button each one.

this handle built-in 340 mAh battery capacity, only need to insert the mobile phone can automatically connect black shark.

at the same time, in the mobile phone side shark designed a similar iPhone mute function toggle switch, then open will enter Shark mode, will be in addition to the performance of all the priority assigned to the outside of the game, will hit the shield on the Home bond.

in addition, shark game mobile phone equipped with JOY UI system, embedded millet resources and services, and provide the game software such as Dock function, convenient to not disturb each other game player in the game and the normal call.

price, mobile phone games have black shark and night sky grey and black optional, 6GB+64GB version is priced at 2999 yuan, the price of 3499 yuan 8GB+128GB, the price of 179 yuan, the first batch of 50 thousand game player, will receive free gifts, mobile phone scheduled for today, April 20th officially on sale.

graph self: VPhoto