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2018-04-14 20:25:03 145 ℃

4 13 afternoon, a harrow bike to get a new round of financing news leaked, said hello bicycle this round of financing amounted to $700 million, in addition to the ant gold clothing, Fosun and other old shareholders continue to invest another 7 new investment, and the current round of financing is determined as E1 Hello bicycle wheels, E2 wheel in the financing, this information has been confirmed as capital investment Hello bicycle. In addition, the message also said hello, previous investment vehicle Bicycle Bicycle Weimaraner will participate in the Hello E round of financing, but the uncertainty is still E1 round, E2 round.

, but in the evening of April 13th and twenty-first Century, the economic report said the insider broke the news that the financing information was not true. Harrow's bicycle financing amount was about 350 million yuan, or about 2 billion yuan.

has said that all information is based on the announcement of harrow's bicycle, and harrow's co founder, Han Mei, said that the company will disclose the official information in the near future. Ali camp members of

2017 in the second half of the

already doomed, sharing a bicycle industry game player been knocked out, Starving people fill the land., when everyone thought ofo and Mobell battle will become bicycle sharing the last scene of war on the occasion, but Hello bike stands out, even by financing. Not only have the deep venture capital, such as Fosun investment institutions and industries such as cars, Fujitec Weima investment, but more important is the introduction of the ant payment service. A

Hello bicycle executives have said the ant gold suit cooperation origin and cycling in hello to each other in a single car Alipay scan code for Alipay bike sharing diversion channel. However, after the cooperation, the ant gold clothing is "very visible" to the execution ability of the harrow's single car team. I hope the ant gold clothes thrown heavily and harrow bicycle complementary, strategically said at a dinner party contact between the two sides, the ant payment service CEO well Yin Dong even if Ma Yun gave him 120 bottles of Moutai are open, remarkable degree of attention.

but in fact not just for the ability to enjoy the team, harrow's bike from the beginning of the birth of Ali quite a source of . Hello

bicycle belongs to Shanghai Junzheng Network Technology Co. Ltd, originally founded in March 2016, but by November it started to launch vehicles, bicycle is sharing war into late generations "". It is reported that hello bicycle co-founder and COO of South Korea and the United States had Ali in work for 10 years, in charge of Alipay international business card; the CTO Jiang Wei has worked at Taobao.

, in addition, the shared the Yongan line with the harrow single car itself is also a member of the Ali camp, a member of the .

2017 in the evening of October 24th, Yongan announced on the official website, "recently I company shares of the company in Jiangsu Yongan Low Carbon Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the" low carbon "technology), and Shanghai Junzheng network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as" Junzheng technology ") signed the agreement, agreed the low carbon technology Shanghai Junzheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. 100% stake, the future of low carbon science and technology business Junzheng merge. Shanghai Jun net science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in sharing the single car business, the brand is the harrow bike. In September

2017, Yongan bicycle shared 810 million yuan of financing. It was invested by Shenzhen Venture Capital and Shanghai Yunxin. Among them, Shanghai Yunxin is a wholly owned holding company of Zhejiang ant small and micro financial services group Limited by Share Ltd. In December 3, 2017, Yongan once again issued a notice, said Yongan shares of low carbon technology and listed companies in Shanghai, Shanghai old Ji Yun Xin and other investors signed the "capital agreement", agreed Shanghai Xin, Shanghai cloud age millet and other listed companies in addition to outside investors, common in low carbon technology capital of RMB 2 billion 304 million 140 thousand yuan.

, before the merger of harrow bike and Yongan line sharing car, the share of Yongan bank holding low carbon technology will drop to 11.9267%, while Shanghai Yunxin holds 32.0467% stake in low carbon technology, and has a more voice in Yongan sharing bicycles.

, therefore, Yang Lei, founder and CEO of harrow bicycle, also emphasized at the time, "this is not a takeover but a merger. Yongan lines, ant suits and harrow bicycles all hold new company shares, and the new company's actual business is still responsible for harrow team."

Unicorn has no friends. Only enemy enemy

has both capital and Ali backing. Harrow bicycle develops rapidly, and share single car battlefield from two poles to three .

currently, the harrow's bicycle has entered more than 220 cities and more than 180 scenic spots in the country. According to Sha ye, a partner in capital management, since March 13th, the latest daily order has been more than 20 million since harrow bicycle started nationwide credit loan. This data is compared to ofo and Mobell bikes have be roughly the same. The strong rise of

harrow's bicycle has made it quite awkward for ofo, which is in the Ali camp.

was on the same day when the harrow single car announced the national free of charge. Yang Lei also commented on her friend's circle: "you really did a lot of work," and ofo announced its $866 million E2-1 round of financing on the same day, and the leader was Alibaba.

reported that the initial contact between Ali and ofo was in April 2017, a strategic investment of ofo, and in July, the Alibaba led ofo's E round financing. But an insider once said, "Ali is late in ofo". Because the two investments are late and the total amount is not high, Ali has little voice in ofo.

compared to Ali, ofo shares earlier drops in ofo say much more:

2016 the end of September, ofo announced a bit of travel tens of millions of dollars in strategic investment; in March 2017, ofo announced the completion of $450 million D round of financing in July 2017, with investment drops; ofo ultra announced the completion of $700 million E round of financing, drops again with the vote. After many rounds of financing,

has become the largest shareholder in ofo, accounting for more than 30% of the shares. After

drops became the largest shareholder in ofo, began to top executives ofo, former senior vice president of Fu Qiang drops joined ofo as chief executive, in addition, the drops also sent a person in charge of the market to enter the ofo market for Nanshan; chief financial officer Leslie Liu ofo sent in charge of the finance Department, Dai Wei "overhead is" rumors that almost. And 4 months later, the resignations of the top executives to some extent reflect the contradiction between the ofo shareholders and the founding team.

is a bicycle sharing still burn business, not willing to hand over the company with the founding team of ofo and drops, will face funding strand breaks crisis, it is in this case ofo was turned to ali.

and the relationship between didi and Ali has been in a delicate state, because Ali and Tencent have become a common shareholder of a company after the merger of Tencent.

beauty group comments CEO Wang Xing who broke the news in the "financial" magazine interview, said he drops and after a quick visit with Ma and Zhang Yong, said the mission is very hope can be obtained simultaneously and the results support the Tencent Ali, Ma and Zhang Yong's attitude has made him very surprised: the Alibaba said to him "you are completely wrong, we believe that with the fast drops of Ali is an example of a failure, we won't make such mistakes happen again". It can be seen that Ali's attitude to the Tencent and Ali's attitude to the drops.

is Ali's attitude that Wang Xing resolutely threw himself into the Tencent and stood at the opposite side of Ali. However, with the launch of the group's taxi service, the drop has been pushed to the opposite side of the group, which makes it possible for Ali and drops to stand together.

may be based on the relationship between Ali and dripping, and ofo, who is reluctant to become a chessman, hopes to be able to develop independently in the game. The second half of the

sharing bike is just beginning. So why does Ali continue to add the ofo of half way to support the Harbin cycling while it is supporting

? When

harrow took a single car to share a single car, each line city had a red sea, so it chose to cut in from the two or three line city. Although harrow bicycle is almost the first or the monopolist in many small cities, it still exists in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, which is still neglected in the urban and rural joints and suburban areas. In addition, Yang Lei also said that this year will serve the daily life of more urban people in the cities of North and Guangzhou.

Ali added ammunition after ofo will be able to contain the v-mobile play role in the first-tier cities. According to

reports, April 11th Mobell held its first general assembly, in addition to attend the v-mobile three founders, including Chairman Wang Xing. Wang Xing said at the conference, the main rival, v-mobile later should be Hello bicycle, rather than the current against the most intense ofo. However, according to Tencent technology reports, in April 12th, the US group denied reports on ofo and the harrow, calling them false information.

sharing single car war is far from over, the second half is just beginning, in addition to the super unicorn and the United States regiment, the business model is also escalating.

learned that the three-dimension sharing trip strategy and the ecological platform of the big trip, established in June last year, have entered the implementation stage. Since the 2017 September start with the Weimaraner car bicycle hello "4+2" (four + two) cooperation, in January this year, and they have also travel bicycle hello "4+2" cooperation in Hebei Tangshan, the user can directly use the bike from harrow APP all share of new energy vehicles travel. Other news shows that the harrow bike will have a big move in the near future for the ecological layout of the big trip.

at the same time, the U.S. group also acquired the v-mobile bike launched in the taxi business, there's a blue bike drops and green orange bicycle, whereas ofo seems to have no other related business travel landing, prospects are worrying.

Zhu Xiao Hu also acknowledged publicly for the first time in April 13th has been emptied of ofo shares, "the founder of course have their own choice, investors should also respect the founder's choice, you should continue to do so, we can only sell to a strategic investor. We are financial investors, and strategic investors are not the same as we do. " The result is the same as

ofo bondservants Mobell, and harrow is still cycling with independent development is worth looking forward to. But there is no doubt that ofo is not so good this year.